Media Law

Success comes with unwanted attention especially those want a share of some undeserved glory. Such as what happened to James Cameron and his widely successful blockbuster film, Avatar. Elijah Schkeiban filed a claim that Cameron’s Avatar was based of his own screenplay, Bats and Butterflies. Schkeiban claimed that Avatar was “substantially similar” to his work with elements of a “weak hero” and “the bad guys attack the good guys”. Cameron won the case  in which his lawyers were able to argue  that such claims can’t be copyrighted.
James Cameron had to face a number of these cases and this case for example is quite laughable for the simple fact that the claims are obviously a stretch. For one, the main character for avatar is in a wheelchair which is not the same “weak hero” compared to the plaintiff’s child protagonist. I guess it is inevitable for Cameron to have people after his film with its $2.7 billion gross revenue.


week 8, blog 7

FCC vs Fox Television

They have filed two cases, one being the use of foul language during live broadcast, and the other because of the showing of nude buttocks on live television.

Week 8: Media Law – Blog 7

By: Manuel Jaimes

Google’s email service known as Gmail has been in lawsuit, claiming that it invades its users privacy by scanning through the messages the receive to target specific ads for that individual. Many users were outraged that others were viewing their messages especiallly for a company like this on. Google claims that they do not invade any privacy laws and denies their wrongdoing by stating that the ads are trigged by certain keywords in the emails. Although this has been in on going debate for a while now a judge denied to the request to combine all complaint from million of Gmail users into one action lawsuit. As a Gmail user I never really mind the ads since I use one of the many ad blocks, but I don’t like the idea of Target advertisement especially in something to private such as an E-mail


EA vs Zynga

The case I chose was EA Games suing Zynga in 2012 for batant copyright of EA’s ‘The Sim’s Social’ game. Zynga launched ‘The Ville’ which looks nearly identical too it and in response Zynga has claimed that EA does not understand basic Copyright laws and that EA itself has copied one of their games within the year. According to other sources this is not the first time Zynga has been blamied for copying games and the majority of their games are also declining in sales in part to these allegations.

Blog #8 propaganda in advertising by John palalia

1st Propaganda technique

It’s a taco bell commercial that generalizes the fact that some men like bacon and therefore all men must like bacon. The commercial is about these two girls at a club and one of them has a taco bell chalupa in her bag to attract men and it works. The name of the technique is hasty generalization.

2nd propaganda technique

It’s an old spice commercial that basically uses the appeal to authority technique were the premise is that a guy that is good at sports can know about men’s colognes or what benefits this could bring, clearly the guys has been given more authority to speak about the matter than he back up with facts.

Media Law: Copyright Court Case

By Hoa Ha. In 2009 movies had a new standard to meet, with the release of Avatar came beautiful images and a story that took the audience to a place where you can only dream to enter. This led to lots of success including awards such as the Golden Globe award for best director motion picture and made a whopping $749,766,139 according to This led to a copyright case between James Cameron, the director of Titanic and his most recent movie Avatar, versus Elijah Schkeiban. The case consisted of Elijah Schkeiban trying to sue James Cameron for apparently copying and getting the idea of Avatar from Elijah’s screenplay Bats and Butterflies. Of course this was a case about money, because the movie Avatar was so successful and made so much money; I feel that Eijah wanted some of the money by trying to explain to the court how similar the characters in the movie are to the characters in his book and how similar the plants in the movie are to his book. In court Elijah told the judge that the main character in Avatar resembles the main character in his book. The main character in Bats and Butterflies is a weak boy and that the main character in Avatar resembles that because there is a man that goes around in a wheelchair. However, Cameron’s lawyer argued that most stories are like this, they have a hero that is usually weaker than the enemy, and in most movies the “bad guys attack the good guys”. This philosophy of the bad guys attacking the good guys was in almost every action movie made. The judge decided in James Cameron’s favor saying that there was insufficient evidence that Avatar had the character ideas and setting as Elijah’s Bats and Butterflies. This was one of a few cases against James Cameron’s Avatar, apparently there have been more however, Cameron has been successful in those cases.

Comments: This case related to me because I saw the movie and to me it was a beautiful film. However, to my knowledge James Cameron had the idea and script for the movie Avatar years ago. The reason why it took him so long to make the movie was because he was waiting for technology to evolve in order for him to capture the exact idea and image that he wanted for the movie and by 2009 the technology was ready and so was he ready to move on with this project.


Blog # 7, Week 8

By Alexandria Sellers

There is an extremely large number of media law cases within within and outside of the US. In late August 2013 the case of a few middle school girls’ rights to wear “I heart Boobies” bracelets ,breast cancer support bracelets, were challenged by their Pennsylvania school. In the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals however, they were declared protected speech because of their support for a national movement and do not fundamentally disrupt schooling.

While I personally do not like the bracelets I am glad that this happened. Freedom of speech that is not deterrent of another’s rights is very important. This might go down as as important as Tinker vs Des Moines’ black arm band protests.

Week 7: First Amendment Violation

by Alena Naiden

Bland vs Roberts Case

Employees were fired after they “Liked” the Facebook page of the candidate opposing their boss in the campaign for sheriff. They sued their former employer and said his decision violated their First Amendment right of free speech.

Here is the website with the information about the case:

An opinion piece about the case:

I agree that their boss’s action, if proven to be based on their “support” of his opposition, limits these workers’ freedom and put them into position where they should be afraid to have an opinion and voice it. Facebook is a social network where people usually express themselves and live personal life, so it should’t affect their professional life if they didn’t want it to do so.

Samsung v. Apple

By Jorian Lewke

After a long court battle, a verdict was finally reached favoring Apple in the case of Apple v. Samsung. Their decision awarded Apple $119,625,000 regarding 3 patents. The ruling said that “all accused Samsung devices in infringement of Apple’s ‘647 data detectors patent and partial infringement on the ‘721 patent for “slide to unlock” functionality.”

Samsung attempted a countersuit, but only 2 of the 5 claims were deemed valid and they were only awarded $158,400 for “Apple’s infringement of its ‘449 patent for an “Apparatus for recording and reproducing digital image and speech.”

Samsung V. Apple

Media Law

By Stephanie Lopez

A blogger from Alabama was detained after refusing to remove his blog posts revealing an affair between the son of a former Alabama governor and a lobbyist. After five months in detention, he finally complied to remove his blog posts “out of concern for his well-being”. Many regard this act of detaining the journalist, and other journalists, as unconstitutional. This article deals with both censorship and libel. An interesting look in how the ones with power can choose to censor whoever they must to stay on top.,45450.html

Blog 7: Music Copyright and Personal Email Cases, by Armen Vardanian

There are many media law cases can be found on the Internet.  Two of them caught my eye as I was looking thought a barrage of the other interesting articles: a copyright infringement in music industry and a privacy breach, which was related to personal email account vulnerability.

In the first case, Alicia Keys, a famous female singer, was accused of sampling another composition, “Hey There Lonely Girl,” which was previously recorded by R&B singer Eddie Holman, in 1970.  It was discovered that some parts of her well-known song “Girl on Fire,” which was released in September of 2012, had similar musical trends of the early classic.  The lawsuit was filed by co-author of the “Hey There Lonely Girl” Earl Shuman in California Federal Court.  However, both parties had reached an undisclosed settlement, before any procedural litigation was started in court.

This is one of the examples in the music industry, which shows that the copyright law works in the U.S., where someone would protect the artistic rights of the early work.  This case closely related to me because I record my own music and aware of the music copyright law.

The second instance was related to the case in which a supervisor apparently read personal email communication of an ex-employee, who left the company and surrendered her company-issued blackberry.  The ex-employee used the device for her work and personal communication but did not erase the data after quitting her job.  Her former supervisor read about 48,000 personal emails, by accessing her personal email account without her authorization and knowledge.  The plaintiff filed five claims under different violation of Federal and State statutes in the federal court in the Northern District of Ohio.  In court, the defendants claimed that the supervisor read emails on the company owned device and acted on behalf of company’s security and interest.  However, after some deliberations, court decided to favor the proceeding in the case.

In my opinion, reading someone’s emails without prior authorization is highly unethical and illegal, unless there is imminent threat or danger is present.  This is especially true in work environment as most of the email correspondents related to work must remain confidential.  The normal practice at the company where I work is for the IT department to address possible communication breaches to the Security Department, which can take any further legal actions if the situation requires such proceeding.

Addicted To Online Gaming

Back in high-school I had mad many friends who were completely hooked on online gaming. They literally would play for hours and even days at a time. This is something I couldn’t understand, personally I would rather go for a hike or spend time at the beach then stare at a television set until my eyes became blood shot and sunken into my face. I am unable to provide a link to these websites because they played a different form of online gaming. They played “Call Of Duty” a first person shooting game, this game connects you with other players from all around the world. They are literally shooting at people in the furthest reaches of the globe, and these people are wasting their time shooting back at them. Their problems got so bad they stopped spending time with friends and would miss school and work for days at a time. I know this is a rather comical solution, but they only stopped playing these games as soon as they got girlfriends. To be honest I have no Idea how they got girlfriends when they spent that much time playing videogames but thank the lord that they did. I feel this was a very destructive habit because many lost their jobs and their grades plummeted when they would go on their binges.

The Internet

By: Lyndsey Guida

The Internet has become one of the greatest tools of mankind. It allows us to access so much information, learn about so many things, and do so many things just with a couple of clicks of the mouse. One aspect of the Internet that has become a huge part of society today is online shopping. Shopping online has become so established that there’s is even a day dedicated to online shopping: cyber Monday. The convenience of being able to shop online is hugely convenient, but can be extremely damaging. The convenience is so great, people are willing to avoid social interaction all together. One of my friends would rather order food, clothes, books, and many other things from home rather than interacting in stores in public. Going out in public can be frustrating, however giving into online shopping all of the time can impair ones ability to meet new people and overall to communicate throughout society efficiently.


By Hoa Ha. The Internet is one of the most powerful and unique tools man has created so far. People can now communicate long distance and buy things they need such as groceries and clothes without leaving their home. My uncle tends to buy many things online because it is more convenient for him, due to the fact that he gets home from work really late. He purchases most of his things off of Amazon. He purchases shoes, clothes, and tools for his job all online. I feel that the other reason why he likes buying things online compared to the store is because some stores might not have the item he wants in stock. I now understand why many stores don’t carry the items they have online, thanks to the textbook we used in class. The explanation is that stores tend to carry things that people usually ask for and things they know usually sell. The other reason why it is so convenient is because by typing in what you want in the search bar, you will get many results of that item and are then able compare the prices of the item and read the reviews of the product,  so you know that you are getting the best product in your interest. The only flaw to this is if you want something right away, due to shipping it usually takes a couple of days to arrive at your house, if you want it to arrive within a day you would have to pay extra so they would use the express mail. However, if you aren’t in any rush just wait about three to four days and your product ends up right at your door step. My uncle has not stopped buying things online. To tell you the truth sometimes he buys an item and forgets that he bought it and buys it again on accident. Overall I feel that shopping online is very beneficial to people who do not have time to go out to the department store or the mall to buy the items they want.

The Internet

The Internet has definitely, without argument, has made our lives much more convenient. Whether it means for the better is a little on the subjective side. Having said that, I have used the Internet for shopping, gaming, and occasionally for fun, dating as well.

We’ve all bought something online and as college students, this meant books. Online gaming is very popular nowadays and it’s fun to actually play with people across the globe. As for online dating, like many others, I’ve tried to create profiles on such sites for shizzles and giggles but never really got into it. I prefer face to face conversations for that matter.

My close friend’s mom only does her shopping online. Even their groceries are sometimes delivered to their front step courtesy of Google Express. However, I wouldn’t call it an addiction. She explained it as a form of convenience more than anything since she’d rather stay at home than go out and shop thanks to her very busy work schedule.

Internet Blog

The use of the internet technology in my life has been significant even though I claim not to be such a fan of it. I use the internet to research any topic I become interested in, some social media, and mostly for shopping. I love being able to jump on Amazon ( whenever I want to look for electronics, records, amplifiers, cables, guitar parts, or anything else I can think of. I do think I have gotten addicted to the speed and instant gratification of using the web to shop for things but it’s so convenient I would be a fool not too. I would rather look up reviews on a product and search for the cheapest price than get in my car and go drive around for hours just to find out how much more expensive it is in stores. I have also found a really useful and dangerous website (dangerous because I could easily spend every dime I have on it’s products) called ( However, I do enjoy looking at things (guitars and pedals), and being able to try them out in person to ultimately decide if I want it. The instant gratification of the internet has made it too easy to spend money and become addicted to it.

Internet Blog.

I am very into shoes. Shoes like Jordan’s, and collector shoes, so a lot of times I find the items that are very rare only on the internet. Websites like and tend to meet a lot of my shopping needs. So far I have thankfully had nothing bad to say about my experiences doing business online. I normally type in the type of item I’m looking for including the size of the shoe I need, and many options pop up. I tend to only buy items that I can see the legit picture of the shoes I want. That way I am seeing the product that I am buying. I would recommend online shopping to anyone.

Blog # 7: Internet

By: Alexandria Sellers

I use the internet in a lot of different ways. I use it to watch movies and shop. I don’t do online dating or gambling, I’d have to be single with money to do that. I do however know people who use the same sites but are obsessed. My friend Naya became obsessed with this site called Wish and would spend all of her money on useless things because they were “just so cheap”. She only managed to put a stop to it after some of her friends staged and intervention and she spent her entire paycheck in one day.

john palalia

blog #7

Facebook firing by John Palalia

Shepherd v. McGee (U.S. Dist. Ct., Oregon, Nov.  7, 2013), 2013 WL 5963076



Jennifer shepherd is a child protective services worker from Oregon that would post her views on how to punish people that abused children

She would commonly post on her Facebook page that violence is cured with violence basically suggesting that people who abuse kids should be beat up. One of her friends on Facebook forwarded some of the posts to Ken McGee a HR manager who with the help of an attorney got Jennifer on leave and then later on fired.

Privacy was one of the factors involved in this case since Jennifer’s private Facebook page was used to display her personal views and used against her despite if they were mere thoughts and not actions. Also the first amendment was involved in this case since we are all free to speak our minds but with certain restriction since depending on our jobs our view could be used against us.

john palalia

Blog #6

Addicted to online shopping by John Palalia

A few years ago I got very busy with school and work and this restricted the free time that I had to go out shopping to the mall, this made me think of options that I had since I love shopping. I started online shopping and this became and obsession since I haven’t stopped even now that I have more free time. This obsession has gotten pretty bad since now whenever I get a chance to go online I always end up looking for shoes, ties, jackets etc. it’s a bad habit to have, now every time I go online there’s a couple of websites that I must visit and if I don’t I feel like I’m missing out on new fashion. I think that I am getting good deals but the reality is that I am a cyber hoarder. This addiction has decreased now that I have more expenses but it is still a problem and I wish I could just wake up one morning and stop it.

Blog #7

By Stephanie Andrada

As far as using the internet for shopping, dating and gaming, I myself have done all of those. Although I have not done it to the point where I have an addiction. However, I do know someone who is addicted to online dating to the point where she doesn’t know how to meet people in person anymore. This person goes to a certain cite that they have created a profile for and randomly looks at other people’s profiles to see whether they match her needs or not.

My friend and I were talking about this particular subject one day and she said to me that she doesn’t like going out to places and meeting people because she doesn’t know how to talk to people in person. She would rather go on a dating site and meet people that way. She feels that it is easier and more simple to meet people rather than taking the time out of her busy schedule to meet someone for dinner. So far she has not stopped this habit, and I feel as if she will never stop only because of the convenience.

Week #7: Internet

By: Karissa Louie

When I was younger and had more time, I enjoyed playing games online- especially games associated with Neopets or the many various games on Facebook.  I have also used the internet to shop for various items such as clothes and accessories. I do know somebody who has developed an addiction to playing on the internet.  She cannot stay off her phone, she is on it constantly and she never lets it out of her hand even when she sleeps.  It makes it very hard to hang around her because I cannot carry a conversation with her because she is always on her phone.  Personally, I believe it affects her life because she does not have the social capabilities kids our age should have and her priorities are skewed because of her constant addition of being on her phone. Some of the games she enjoys playing include, Myvegas and Farmville.

Blog 6: My Internet Addiction, by Armen Vardanian

These days I normally use the Internet for shopping purposes for the items that I cannot find in the local stores, such as: educational textbooks, household or personal articles, and for the material that are available only in download forms.

I have used the Internet for gaming and dating purposes in the past, but found such activity is not suitable for me.  I lost my interest in on-line gaming because it would take too much time from the other hobbies I enjoyed in my life.  The women I met on dating sites were mostly from other countries, and these relationships did not move forward, because on-line communication cannot replace face-to-face interaction with a real person.  Furthermore, from my past experience I feel that the long distance relationships generally fade out in time.

Despite the fact that I was not interesting in on-line gaming, I developed an addiction to one specific game in particular – playing on-line Poker (card game) with people around the world.  The on-line virtual environment resembled a Poker table with avatars (real people behind the masked figures) playing the game.  The website required a deposit in a small dollar amount (about $20 to $30,) which then can be used for betting purposes in the game.  I was not a good poker player, but occasionally would win a game or two after playing the game for several hours.  Nevertheless, I would lose game after game, and subsequently the money I have deposited earlier.  The desire to return my money back and win a large pot drove me to the next game, which would turn into another fiasco.  I spent many hours in front of my computer just to face disappointments of losing and finding my website valet vault empty again and again.  The adventure, which lasted for couple of years, took my breath away and sucked me in for good.  Running in circles for winning results did not help me in gaining my money back, but caused to develop on-line gambling addiction, which was very difficult to escape.  I did not know how to halt the trend and finally decided to stop using my computer at home for six months.  It took a long time for me to shed my harmful habits, accept monetary loss, admit that on-line gambling is addictive, and escape playing on-line Poker.  My pursuit for the imaginable fortune caused me to lose several thousand dollars and waste valuable time, which I sincerely regret.  However, I’m happy that I was able to leave dark days of my addiction behind me, able to control my gambling habits, and live a new life.  I use computer at home since then without problems as I learned my lesson.  I also lost my interest in on-line gambling.

Since 2011 the U.S. residence cannot play on-line Poker on websites of several large companies, who were found in money laundering and violating banking regulations.  The restrictions were imposed by U.S Attorney in violation of “Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act.”

Blog post week 6

I do occasionally purchase things offline, but only once and a while. Like, maybe once every 6 months; so I wouldn’t say that is is something that I myself am addicted to. I have also met a few people online that I have developed strong bonds with, and real feelings, however only a few that I just happened to come across on social media, I don’t go out looking for relationships online. I do know someone who does tend to find “love” online a lot, this causes them to feel alone where they actually are, and only dream of being with their online lover. I think a way they can stop this, is to pay attention to the people who are physically there with them, and to not block people how who are trying to be in their lives.


By Jorian Lewke

I do not personally know anyone that has an internet addiction but I found an interesting video about it here.

I use my computer a lot, but not the Internet. I use it to edit photos and work on graphic design projects. When I’m on the internet, I am usually designing websites. I do use social media, but I don’t use it everyday and mainly use it to keep up with friends that live back home or have gone to school in other states. I also use it for class.

Week 7: Internet -Blog 6

By: Manuel Jaimes

I have used the internet for shopping, gaming but never for dating. I don’t think I know anyone who used any of the dating sites that are available. I believe the person I know  the most that has developed an addiction to the internet is my myself. Most of my time is being spent on the internet, ever since I got hooked on the internet i kept getting side tracked by things that aren’t my work. While doing assignments that that require internet access, I wonder off into the internet. I don’t really have an addiction to a specific online activity, such as shopping or gaming, but an addiction to the internet itself. Im aware I spend a lot my time in front of a screen ,but  as far as putting a stop to it thats something I am  still working on. My addiction led me to be indoors for many hours of the day, something I still do. One of the sites I can be stuck on for ours is IMGUR.COM; and online image hosting site, this is one of the many sites that one will find the internets mots popular image content. There are millions of pictures that are informative as well as humorous, and its where most of my time is spent.


Week 6: Internet Addiction

by Alena Naiden

I have never used Internet for dating or gaming, but I do use it for shopping more and more. I love the fact that I don’t need to spend hours in the mall or between shops in search of something from my head.

A concept of an addiction from shopping or dating in Internet sounds very new to me, but the cases of gaming addiction are everywhere. My husband can spend hours playing some games off- or online. Fortunately, any game becomes boring sooner or later, and he comes back to normal.

I think I don’t have any friends whose game addiction is more permanent and prolonged, but I know that almost everyone close to my age, including me, spends too much time in social networks. It is the most common type of Internet addiction I usually face, and to fight it I, personally, challenged myself not to log in into them for months. That break was a great experience, with so much free time, such a full rest and increased productivity.

Week 4 Response: MOVIES!

By Cheyenne Rada

My favorite movie of 2011 was The Help mostly because it showed almost all sides of racism within one movie as opposed most of which show only one. It was also a very sensitive movie and because it followed many different peoples story lines instead of just one.

My all time favorite movie has to be Lilo and Stitch. It has such a sweet innocence to it that is hard for me not to fall in love with. Also the characters of Lilo and Nani are very relatable for me.

I first saw these movies in home on DVD.  The link for the help is

The link for Lilo and Stitch is

The official The Help trailer is

Week 3 Response: MAGAZINES!

By Cheyenne Rada

The Grey Grip is a new magazine that I hope can bring together controversial issues from around the globe.

I propose that in this magazine we can be able to shine light on subjects that we usually only get a on sided view from. We won’t be segregated into democrats, republicans, tea party, liberals, conservatives, etc. we will show all sides of all issues and educate the general public. That way people will be able to make more educated votes and take more educated action. In this way actual needed and desired change can begin to occur.

Our demographic will be all individuals of mature and voting age (which in the US is 18 years of age) that want to make change in the world or at least want to be more educated about the issues surrounding the world.

Our magazine is different and better simply because most magazines out there only show one side of each printed story.

Some advertisers would probably be Universities, State Politicians, Federal Politicians, Suit companies, Luxury car companies, and airlines.

Some of my first articles would include “Are you, you or are you a social puppet?” “Gay Marriage all over the world” “ISIS, what do we do now?” “Will health care reforms really see the light of day?” “Religion too hard to swallow?”

The premier issue of my magazine will have the cover art shown below but with a black background and the above listed article with picture on the front. So the “Are you, you or are you a social puppet?” will be over the picture of the question mark. “Gay Marriage all over the world” will feature a pink triangle over a globe. “ISIS, what do we do now?” will feature a picture of an ISIS member. “Will health care reforms really see the light of day?” will feature a few photo of president Obama meeting with hospital staff. “Religion too hard to swallow?” will feature respectable symbols of well know religions that are known for forcing their ideals down peoples throats.

Week 2 Response: BOOKS!

By Cheyenne Rada

In honor of books, below are my personal top three.

When the Elephants Dance by Tess Uriza Holthe, is by far my favorite book. I’ve always been curious about the events in the Pacific during World War II and this was perfect. This book although it has fictional characters, the situations they are put in brings you directly to the state of mind of the characters. It not only shows the perspectives but it also shares common stories from some of the characters pasts.  It shares the struggles of each generation and bring the reader closer to them and their own sense of peace.

In contrast to Holthe’s work, Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes by Yasunari Kawabata was a refreshing perspective on World War II in the Pacific. It gave me a new respect for not only Japanese people, but for all innocent souls affected deeply by their country’s war. I sympathized greatly with the main character Sadako and her struggle. This book creates a Japan that is approachable and helpless after the war. I believe if the reader is open minded (like I was) that, despite to devastation,  they could find a new appreciation for their current lives and have less hate for people that are not responsible for obscenities committed to them.

Fahrenheit 451 was another incredible book that I’ve read over the years. This showed me what true ignorance and fear looks and acts like. But it also showed me pure curiosity and innocent human nature. One interpretation has always stuck with me greatly. SPOILER ALERT! But when the main character witnesses the woman burn with her books, he himself learns socially and attempts to understand why she would do such a thing, then physically places himself in the same position and does as she did. This gave me a reason to believe that no matter how stupid the action appears to others at the time, I can still make a difference. It was just such an inspiring book. I would really recommend it to anyone looking for inspiration or passion.

Blog movies


Length: 5:28

Description: Female stereotypes in Disney Films. The stereotyping in movies sets the example and the bar where young girls feel they need to measure up. As in look like, dress and act.

Chapter: 6, Movies.

Quiz question: Why is stereotyping a problem, and how do producers explain their use of it?

Answer: Stereotyping is a problem because it sends a message to the audiences about people in difference scenes. More so like Disney, shows the example of what producers say that stereotyping is a huge asset to storytelling.

Radio’s Humble Beginnings

Length: 3:10

Description: How Radio Broadcasting became popular/possible in Britain and how personal radio use came to be.

Chapter Relevance: Chapter 8, Radio

Quiz Question: Before personal radios became a standard in every household, they were a hobby among very few. What were these hobbyists called?

Answer: Radio HAMs

Blog Post #5

By Alan Farinas

Length: 8:18

Chapter 5: Magazines

Description:  Fast Company Magazine’s Alan Weber giving his thoughts on the current state of the magazine industry and how it can survive in the future.

Quiz Question: How have magazines adapted to new media over the years?

Answer: Magazines adapted to the new media by embracing them. When movies came around they put out cover stories about movie stars and magazines specializing in movies. They did the same for television and the internet, and even branched out into both mediums. Magazines have also created web versions of themselves and exist alongside strictly online magazines to interact with the growing group of consumers that are hooked to the web.

The Muckrakers (blogged by Dylan Clark)

Length: 3:53

Description: Detailed information on what muckraking is, the history and the individuals who practiced this type of journalism during the Progressive Era in the United States.

Related to: Chapter 4- Newspapers, Chapter 5- Magazines, Chapter 11- Evolving Journalism, Chapter 15- Media Ethics

Quiz Question: In 1904, who exposed the ruthless tactics of the Standard Oil Company in a series of articles in McClure’s magazine?

Answer: Ida M. Tarbell

Blog #5

By Stephanie Andrada

Length: 3:15

Description: Stats and facts of how social media impacts the United States but also other countries in the world, and censorship of media in countries around the world.

Chapter 1, Introduction; Chapter 6 Movies; Chapter 7 Recordings and the music industries

Quiz Question: Resistance to and fear of a new medium occurred?

Answer: With movies in the 1930s

Length: 2:42

Description: Top ten books that are banned from different states and countries around the world.

Chapter 3 Books

Quiz Question: The first book that resembled today’s form of books was called?

Answer: Codex

Length: 4:01

Description: A brief history on newspapers

Chapter 4 Newspapers

Quiz Question: First newspapers probably appeared in?

Answer: China

Length: 6:30

Description: A brief history on the evolution of the magazine

Chapter 5 Magazines

Quiz Question: The top magazines by circulation are?

Answer: Time and Sports Illustrated

Length: 3:10

Description: The impact of the invention of the radio, how it was first invented and the history of how the radio became popular in the world.

Chapter 7 Radio

Quiz Question: The first phonograph recorded sounds on a?

Answer: Metal cylinder

Radio or Television

By Hoa Ha. The video that I chose is titled “5 Crazy ways Social Media is Changing Your Brain Right Now”.


Length: 3:17

Description: The video explains why we continue to get on social media websites and what it is doing to our brain. The video is by AsapSCIENCE.

Book chapters: Chapter 2: Media Impact, Chapter 10: The Internet

Question: What is the feel good drug that activates when you are posting something online about yourself?

Answer: Dopamine

Week 5: Media Effects Video

by Alena Naiden

Length: 2.10
Description: Stats and facts concerning the effects of stereotypic  representation of women in media on young girls
Chapter 2: Media Impact, Chapter 5: Magazines, Chapter 9: Television, Chapter 10: Internet 
Quiz Question:  What is approximate time an average girl spends on media, according to this video?
Answer: 10 hours 45 minutes

YouTube Video

By Jorian Lewke

Length: 8:18
Description: Theories about the future of the newspaper and magazine industry
Chapter 3: Newspapers Chapter 4: Magazines
Quiz Question: If journalism itself isn’t broken, what is?
Answer: The business model

Favorite song of all time/ 2011

Jasmine Frazier

My favorite song of 2011, would have to be Cheer up by J. Cole. I find this song not only inspiring but relevant to my own life. He is one of the few hip hop artist that actually raps about relevant, and real-life topics, not just bragging about money, or his life style.

My favorite song of all time, is “Tha Crossroads” by bone thugs and harmony. I’ve loved this song for as long as I could remember. This song is basically saying that one should not waste their lives, because life is indeed short, and could be taken at any moment, so you should appreciate the life you have, and to right to live eternally.

All in all, thought the modern up beat music gets me off my feet, and hype, at the end of the day, I’m in love with the real, and genuine hip-hop that stresses real life situations, being the things I saw growing up.

Television blog #5 by John palalia

Length 1:19

I love Lucy best blooper video, clearly shows how during the golden age of Television minorities where most of the times excluded, and when they were included in an scene they were mocked on. Also lucy is portraited as the hapless housewife who was not allowed to work outside the home, this show was very popular during the 1950’s.

Television chapter 9

Quiz #5 question

Why was the golden age of TV not so golden for everyone?

It was not so golden because not everybody was included, it discriminated against minorities, and also it promoted stereotypes as well as inequality. Also in this golden age television’s content was not meant to educate but to entertain.

Stereotypes in TV and Movies

By Stephanie Lopez

Length: 4:25
Description: Clips of popular TV shows and movies that use stereotypes as a form of entertainment.
Chapter 6: Movies, Chapter 9: Television, other chapters
Question: What is one reason that media uses so many stereotypes?
Answer: Stir up the public’s emotions.

Blog 5: Radio and Television, by Armen Vardanian

Falsified Journalism is a Great Instrument for Propaganda

Length: 4:30 min


Description: The North Korea documentary propaganda video, from circa 2013, about how Americans live today and survive by eating birds and drinking melted snow.  The video shows homeless people across the U.S. and portraits them as an average Americans.  The propaganda montage, which was collected from various short clips, the diverse timelines and locations, is an adaptation adversity for the North Korean TV viewers.  The footage shows homeless people in New York City in the winter, where homeless people lined up for the hot meals, supplied by charity organizations.  The narrator explains that the people are very grateful for the government handouts and asserts that this kind of assistance is being distributed daily.  However, the reporter stresses, that not everybody is able to receive their portion of food.  The commentator indicates that the coffee is made from melted snow, and people live in tents with broken roofs.  The documentary, which is accompanied by dramatic music, captures fragments of devastation in the U.S. in aftermaths of hurricane Katrina.  The narrator points out that many homes are easily blown off, for unknown reasons, by enforcing visual effect with the images of some old destroyed homes appearing in the documentary.

The government propaganda in North Korea provides falsified information about living conditions in the U.S. to justify its atrocities in North Korea.

Corresponding Chapter: Chapter 2: Media Impact – effects of propaganda and flow theories; Chapter 6: Movies – effects of movie viewing and censorship; Chapter 9: Television – reinforcing stereotypes.

Quiz Question: What kind of flow effect is used in this propaganda documentary?  Who is the opinion leader?

Answer:  The Bullet flow effect and Two-step flow effect (through the government of North Korea.)  The government of North Korea represents the opinion leader.


By: Lyndsey Guida

In 2012, my favorite movie that came out was The Vow. I enjoyed this movie because it really demonstrated the strength of love and all that it can overcome. It truly exposed the powers that comes with love. My all time favorite movie is The Notebook, yet another love story. This movie is my all time favorite because I’m in love with the era that it embodies (the 1950’s), and it encourages people to follow what they’re passionate about. Passion is what makes life so enjoyable whether it be for something or someone. Both of these movies I saw when they come out on DVD because I don’t always have the time to make it to the movies. It is safe to say that I’am a sucker for love stories.

My Favorite Films

By Stephanie Lopez

My favorite movie of 2012 was Moonrise Kingdom directed by Wes Anderson. It struck a chord on my first viewing due to its almost dreamlike atmosphere and the innocence that the two main characters represented. Their love is one of the best love stories put on to film in my opinion. It’s pure and naive, two traits that make me sentimental for things I haven’t even experienced. The film makes me feel nostalgic and keeps me yearning for the type of affection the two main characters have for each other. The acting was flawless and Anderson’s art direction is pristine, especially in this film.


My favorite movie of all-time is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind directed by French filmmaker, Michel Gondry. I’ve watched Eternal Sunshine an innumerable amount of times, usually when my heart is aching or I’m feeling some other saccharine emotion. The blatant imperfections of the two protagonists are so relatable, pulling at the heart strings of the audience more than most other movies do. The science fiction aspect of the film gives it a refreshing twist. By the end of the movie, you may find yourself reflecting on the quote, “‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” by Alfred Lord Tennyson.


Favorite Movie of 2012

My favorite movie of 2011-2012 was The Dark Knight Rises directed by Christopher Nolan. I have been a huge Batman fan for as long as I remember and when this movie came out I knew I would have to go see it in theaters. It was the final piece of the trilogy and I really liked the previous two movies by Nolan. Probably my favorite thing about the movie was Bane, the main villain, because of his strength and ruthlessness. Although these movies are not necessarily true to the comic books there were some throwbacks to the 90’s animated series I would watch as a kid and I think they were directed well and visualized well for the modern era.

I still think my favorite movie of all time was The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. I have loved westerns as a kid and I still love westerns just as much, if not more. I remember seeing this movie one saturday or sunday morning at home on the television and admiring the deadeye, badass cowboys. I watch this movie pretty often because it never gets old and the dialogue makes more sense now that I’m older.

My Favorite Recordings

By Alan Farinas

My favorite recording is of some music from The Roots. They are a hop hop band that are one of the few that still use live instruments. They can be seen playing on the Jimmy Fallon Show. This particular song is titled seed 2.0 It doesn’t necessarily relate to my life or anything, but it makes me want to dance uncontrollably. It sums up the time when hip hop was still positive and more of an art.

My favorite oldie is “Smooth Criminal” by Michael Jackson. I brings back so many memories from my childhood. And like the song from The Roots it also makes me want to dance, but more like Michael Jackson. The songs construction and his conviction behind his words just made me feel so cool. That’s my favorite type of music. The kind that uplift me and makes me want to get up and move.

My favorite recordings by john palalia

my favorite recording of 2011-2012 would be a bachata song named poquito a poquito recorded in south america, i heard this song on the radio. its a bachata song that talks about falling in love little by little , yes i am a romantic and i love this song because its pretty unique, and authentic.

my favorite recording of all time would be the song in un’altra vita by ludoviko. its one of my favorites because i performed to it. its an amazing piece of art. very few times can people listen to a piece of music this good in popular stream media.   (poquito a poquito)  (in un’ altra vita)


My favorite movie from 2011-2012 had to be Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. It was more because it concluded a series that I had been a fan of for most of my life. I’ve been a Harry Potter fan since before I could read and had to have my dad read the stories to me. The movie itself was cinematically pleasing to be sure. The final battle scene was everything I pictured it to be and that was most of what the last movie was about. I’m sure there are a list of critiques a mile long, but I was entertained by the movie, and that’s why I watch movies. Here is the link for IMDB:

My favorite movie of all time has to be dodgeball. It’s a comedy and again the critiques are a mile long, but they always are for comedies. I’ve seen this film so many times that I could recite most of it by heart. However the thing that sticks out the most is the dynamic between Vinve Voughns character, Peter Leflour, and Ben Stillers character, White Goodman; the two of them were absolutely hilarious together. Here is the IMDB link for Dogdeball:

Here’s the link to the Dodgeball trailer:

blog #4 movies

My personal favorite movie of 2011-2012 was The Hunger Games. It was so action packed but at the same time was a love story with a great message. I was very happy Hollywood came out with such a flavorful creation. I saw the Hunger Games in the movie theaters with my boyfriend, the first weekend it came out, because based on the commercials, we knew it was a must see film. Now my favorite movie of all time, would have to be 1993 movie, The Sandlot. I think I fell in love with this movie one summer I was staying at my cousin’s house, everyday my mom would drop me off before she would head to work and I would watch it with my older cousin who would always say the lines before the actors would. I ended up growing up and doing the same.

The Sandlot:

The Hunger Games:

Blog 4: My Favorite Recordings, by Armen Vardanian

My favorite song of 2012 and my all-time favorite, by Armen Vardanian

One of my favorite songs recorded in 2012 was a song called “Panopticon” by alternative band “Smashing Pumpkins.”  What I like the most about this song is that its heavy and aggressive music riffs are covered by enormously soft lyrics, which leaves the listener wondering – what happens next.  Panopticon is a type of prison where the prisoners can be observed all the time by the guards.  The song reflects some sort of hope that inmates cherish all the time, by showing that there is a beautiful soul in every human, despite the fact that the transgression was committed.  The main theme of the song is “There’s a sun that shines in.”

The first time I heard this song was when I purchased the CD of “Smashing Pumpkins” in 2012.

Here is the link to the YouTtube video:

My all-time favorite song is called “Comfortably Numb,” by rock band “Pink Floyd.”  The song was released in 1980, and had a great influence on me since then.  The song is about certain hallucination that goes back to the childhood memories, and the experience of calmness despite the pain and sadness.  The songwriter draws lines between his recollection of similar feelings from years ago and the current state of being.  The best part of the song is the guitar solo composed and played by band’s guitarist David Gilmore; this solo is ranked number two of all rock guitar solos in the rock music history.

I heard this recording in 1981 on LP, because the CD’s did not exit at that time.

Here is the YouTube video of this song:

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