Week 5: Movie or Television

Week 5: Movie or Television

by Jadhalyn Le


My favorite movie of 2014-2015 definitely has to be Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I grew up watching the Star Wars episodes for as long as I can remember. I was very fond of the bots in this franchise and loved the Wookie character, Chewbacca. Their soundtrack brings back so many memories. I even had a PS2 Star Wars game when I was about 7 or 8 years old. I watched Star Wars on VCR and DVD. The movie however, I saw it in theaters the second day it was released.





Week 4: Newspaper or Audio

Week 4: Newspaper or Audio

by Jadhalyn Le


My favorite recording of 2015 is called “시선 둘, 시선 하나 (What If…)” sung by EXO. This song has very soft vocals and a sensual rhythm. The beat mashes well with the singers’ voices and everything flows very well throughout the song. I have always been very impressed with this band’s harmonizing skills and they put that to good use. I listen to this song on an MP3 file and on their album CD.


Week 2: Business Media Impact

Week 2: The Media Business

by Jadhalyn Le


We are all surrounded by media today, are we not? Everywhere we go, it is constantly revolving. We rely on the news in order to gain knowledge about everything current. Our resourcefulness was definitely guided by the media. Behind all of this are the corporations who provides this all for us. An example is Disney, an extremely well known company. They publish books, magazines, broadcast shows, own cable networks, has their own movie studio, and other properties such as theme parks in multiple countries and their cruise line. It is remarkable that Disney started out as little Mickey Mouse cartoons from the 1920’s into what it is today. How much does Disney control? They have the hearts of many in their palms since their childhoods and are now breathing in their money. Disney is only one of the few companies there are. All of these companies have started out small during the golden age of the booming media and until now, owns so much and we the people are constantly consuming. I believe that from here on out, we will never head back, but to go forward with everything media has to offer us today. It became a part of our culture and daily lives, whether we like it or not. I tend to lean towards the possibility that we could be easily manipulated because we can’t deny how much we are consuming and whether we want to believe it or not. The pros of this however is that we can think for ourselves with all the options out there in the media and come up with our own conclusions with what is provided.

Week 5: movies or television

By Maddy Kelly

My favorite movie released in 2015 was Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I have always been a Star Wars fan all my life and when I found out that they were coming out with a new movie I was ecstatic. I saw this movie in theaters a couple days after it came out. I thought the story was great and the new characters they introduces were fantastic. Seeing it in theaters only seemed appropriate because it was expected to be really good and I wanted the full experience of seeing it in theaters.



Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGbxmsDFVnE

Week 4: Newspaper or Audio

My Hit List

By: Thanh Nguyen

My favorite song of 2015 would probably have to be Right hand by Drake. This song was beautifully written and had a great beat to go with it. The bars were very dope. I would also say anything dropped by Vince Staples was also hot. When I was younger I would listen to a whole bunch of RnB and hip hop. I would have them on repeat on YouTube and even hear them on the radio every now and then. Media has gone a very long way. I used to even listen to hit songs on CD players. Music nowadays is very easy to access and you can listen to them effortlessly.

Week 4: Newspaper or Audio

News outlet should not identify if a source quote came from a female or a minority group if it has nothing to do with what they are talking about. It is great that news outlet tell us where they get their source from but if they add to much detail it might seem like they are trying to say or support something. Randoms information from news outlet will be questionable to news critic and viewer who pay attention to detail very well. A job of a news outlet is to tell us what is happening in shocking or important event and it does not need detail about other thing that is not relevant to the event. Having women and minority does improve the quality of the news only if it can be tied back to what is on the news.

Newspaper or Audio

By Arbella Yousif

I think that news outlets shouldn’t have to put every logistical detail about the writer but having the name of the writer or source of the information that the story is given is appropriate. Because sometimes personal opinion has an impact on the source of information even if it has nothing to do with the woman or the minority, it could be a biased opinion. I also feel that women and minorities can improve the quality of news because of how passionate they can be about the information and what’s going on in the world, they can deliver the story with the full coverage information.

Week 4: Newspapers

By: Maddy Kelly

I believe that there should not have to be a rule that you have to include the gender or race of a person who is being quoted in a newspaper. I believe it is good to have the name of the person and possibly also the age of the person as well. I honestly don’t think having women and minority sources improve or hurt the quality of news. Although it is good to have a lot of variety of stories and sources in the paper, I don’t think we specifically have to identify each person so people will think the newspaper is remaining “equal” or “fair.” I see it as as long as it is being used to spread news then it should not matter the sex or race of a person.

Week 5- Movie or Television

Week 5: Movie or Television

Which media will sustain?

By Talia Hudgens

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/-uR31w814I4

Length: 3:03

Description: A video explaining the gradual exploitation of women in film pre- and post- the Great Depression.

Chapter 8 – Movies

Quiz Question: Explain what the studio system was like and why it ended?

Answer: The studio system was a term used to describe the factory-like way of producing films that consisted of all of the actors and directors that were working for the movie studios which had constant and total control of the distribution of movies and the content.

Week 3: Books or Magazines-Blog 3

Three Books Most Influential To Me

Week 3: Books or Magazines

Three Books Most Influential To Me

By Alejandro Orozco

The first book I have read were the “Harry Potter” books By J.K. Rowling. What makes it influential to me is that these series of books kept me engaged to keep on reading one after the other. Once I would finish one I would immediately go read the next one. I have never been so interested in books until I started reading the “Harry Potter” books.

The Second book is I have read was Tear Of A Tiger By Sharon Draper. It was influential to me because it taught me not to dwell on the past and  not to be so hard on yourself. That things happen for a reason and you have to move on and not be stuck on the past.

My third most influential book is by Ronda Rousey “My Fight/Your Fight”. A memoir about her events in life she would undergo such as what she would do to prepare for herself before her fight for the UFC. I found it influence because it just gave me more motivation to strive on to achieve success like she did.

Propaganda in Advertising – Blog 6

McDonald’s Advertisement

The advertisement linked above portrays two types of propaganda techniques: ‘Beautiful people and ‘oversimplification’, both of which relate to the look of the advertisement. The ‘Beautiful people’ approach is the most common form of propaganda technique because it provokes people to buy their product; perceived to unlock and ensure happiness. To meet this requirement, McDonalds chose to depict a snapshot in the life of an African American family, smiling as they are seated around a dinner table with a McDonald’s meal bag off-center to the picture. The second approach, ‘intentional vagueness’ occurs when an advertisement conveys a message that is left to be interpreted by the viewer. In the ad, the caption reads, “She deserves a break today” which oversimplifies – or assumes – the situation between the husband and wife. Don’t get me wrong, it is clear that “she” means the wife but it is over-assuming, biased statement; especially since the ad is race specific.

Blog 5: Movie Takers

By: David Carbajal

The most interesting movie I saw this past year well that is actually a tough question to answer. I work at an AMC movie theatre so I get exposed to pretty much every movie that comes out, so I saw great movies like Jurassic World, Straight Outta Compton, Avengers Age of Ultron, Spectre and Fast and Furious 7 but none of them compared to my favorite movie I saw in November titled Creed. Creed is a story that picks up after the classic Rocky movies about a boxer named Rocky Balboa played by Sylvester Stallone and the life of a boxer, but this movie portrays the story of Adonis Creed the illegitimate son of Rocky’s late friend Apollo Creed and his journey to gaining the boxing name Creed and also building his own legacy. Adonis played by Michael B. Jordan (Fruitvale Station and Friday Night Lights) does an amazing job introducing this character to be this generation’s new Rocky and I cannot wait until Creed 2 which is schedule to be released sometime next year. Now, my all time favorite movie I have to say is the action drama Takers starring Idris Alba, Michael Ealy, Tip “T.I.” Harris, Chris Brown and the Late Paul Walker. This movie takes a group of professional bank-robbers on their biggest heist yet, after being released from jail Harris’s character Ghost comes back to the crew with a once in a lifetime job little does the crew know that he has other intentions for them. I first saw both these movies in theatres, I remember waiting for these movies and anticipating seeing them on the big screen and I wasn’t disappointed by either one of them. I highly recommend both of these movies and I assure you that you will not be disappointed. http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/takers/ http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/creed_2015/


Week 5: Movies

Sara Raheem

Out of the many movies I watched in 2015, “Inside Out.” stood out to me. At first I was not intrigued by this movie what so ever and had no intentions of watching it. I was forced to watch this movie when the kids I was babysitting urged me to go with them, leaving me pleasantly surprised. This was a coming of age movie that engulfs the audience in the emotions and hardships the main character experiences. Although Inside Out was an incredible movie, my all time favorite movie is Donnie Darko. Donnie Darko is my favorite movie because, similar to Inside Out is an coming of age story. The main character survives a freak accident leaving him questioning the world around him. What is the meaning of life? and how could he make the most of his life. The movie made a profound impression on me, in many ways altering my perspective on life and how it should be lived. Before this movie I had a stagnant perception on how life should be lived. Ordinarily every individual goes to college, gets a job, and ultimately retires. This movie allowed my mind to delve into various different ways I could live my life and enlightened me that the ordinary way does not mean the right way.



Week 5: Movie or Television

Star Wars: The Force Awakens A Spectacular Hit

by Paula Jung

Though it only came out only a couple of months ago, I enjoyed Star Wars: The Force Awakens which came out in December of 2015. Not only did I get to watch this long-anticipated film with my two best friends, we also had the chance to sit after watching the movie to discuss where each of us were in our lives when we watched the other Star Wars films in our lives or when we watched them in theaters and how we liked them. I thought it was also an amazing and engaging film that I would definitely watch in theatres again. The format we saw Star Wars was in theater.

My all-time favorite movie is Pixar’s Up. I thought it was fun to watch, very light-hearted, and filled with amazing and colorful graphics. It also made me cry for the first ten minutes in. I first watched Up in theaters.
Star Wars: The Force Awakens:

Week 5

By Gabriela Sanches

My favorite movie of 2014-15 was definitely Mad Max: Fury Road (2015). I liked it for many different reasons. One of the reason I like it was that the movie showed me a different perspective about the future, and it me think what the world is doing and how this is going to end if someday it ends. It also showed me how women can be powerful and independent no matter how dangerous and unbelievable the situation is. This movie proved to me what I had always believed, that empowered women are able to do whatever they want. I watched it in the airplane television when I was coming to America.

My all time favorite movie is Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (2001) because it was the first movie that I remember that I had watched when I was very young. It taught me to believe in magic, and like Mad Magic, it introduced me to a completely new world.

Week 5: Movie or Television – Blog 5

By  Yang Zhang

My favorite movie in 2014-2015 is [Unfinished Business],the reason why I like this movie ,because of even this movie is comedy ,but its store tells people never give up about your dream , for the dream that you can do everything for it .


The other movie that become to my all-time favorite movie , that is [The Lord of the Rings],first I really like its store line ,I like kind of psychedelic movie also for this movie , its all scenes and shooting technique is legend .I first time watched this movie was at home by DVDs



Week 5: Movie or Television


By Andrew Masek


My favorite movie of 2015 is Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I like this movie because when I was a child a family member bought me all of the star wars movies, and I grew to love them all. I have been waiting and hoping for a new Star Wars movie to come out, and when I heard there was a new trilogy coming out I was thrilled. I liked this movie because it brought back a lot of the old cast members (who are pretty old now) and put them into the role they were playing before. My favorite movie of all time right now, is The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. I don’t know why I like this movie so much, but when it came out in 2013 I saw it 4 times. I think I like it so much, because it was an adventure movie that was very entertaining with little violence. This is not to say that I’m against violence, but this movie didn’t really call for much. I first saw both of these films in theaters, on the day they came out (for Star Wars it was the midnight release).


Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2488496/

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0359950/?ref_=nv_sr_4

Week 5: Movie or Television

Past and Present Films: Differences Between Today and Yesteryears

William Tolentino

The years 2014 and 2015 had a lot of films but quantity lessened quality and most released and shown across multiplexes, despite rave reviews, didn’t earn studios enough for them to justify making the film in the first place. Netflix has become the go-to caterer of everyone who wants to watch anything simply because the online streaming service has the most recent in-demand TV Shows and Movies under its collection and should’ve been where director Danny Boyle made his biopic of Steve Jobs starring Michael Fassbender as the mercurial, paradoxical genius behind Apple from its rocky beginnings to his firing and his eventual return. The film however, was overlooked, simply because there were too many artists inspired and fascinated with the man whose tale is being told here that several other filmmakers also made biopics about different aspects of Apple and its head which failed and made audience barf at another assumed quick cash attempt on well trodden ground but thanks to Aaron Sorkin’s razor sharp, rapid fire dialogue, the film was able to capture most of Steve’s personality, including his penchant for getting in people’s faces and saying what he thinks of them without censure as well as his vulnerabilities and shortcomings.

Movies were, decades ago, more experimental as back then, there were no visual effects to take away some of the effort needed to tell a story. Directors used a lot of creative solutions to jump around problems which included using unusual camera shots, perception tricks, clever editing and audience anticipation. An exemplar of these kinds of films and my favorite is Once Upon A Time In The West by Italian director Sergio Leone, whose westerns broke every rule Hollywood had about the genre during that time including but not limited to, making characters neither good or evil but somewhere in between, portraying everything realistically as historically accurate as possible, making characters change and grow and learn, and, just to let everyone know he was iconoclastic, gave the villain role to a leading actor who plays western heroes in earlier western films.

Movie or Television – blog 5

Week 5: Movie or Television

By Alejandro Orozco

My favorite movie in 2014-15 is going to be The Maze Runner. At first I didn’t think The Maze Runner was going to be good until I started watching it, within five minutes I was hooked into the movie. Why I liked this movie is, because it has been a awhile since a good movie has came and definitely recommend this movie. I have a lot of movies to choose from such as The Town, The Longest Yard with (Adam Sandler), Friday Night Lights, Avatar, Ice Age, Ocean 12, Step Brothers,Knocked Up, This is The End, and many more but my all time favorite is going to be The Incredibles. The reason why its my all time favorite is because at no matter what part of the movie I am watching I will always get tuned right in and ignore whatever is going on and just watch it. No matter how long that movie I will watch it until the end.

Week 5

By Gabriela Sanches

My favorite movie of 2014-15 was definitely Mad Max: Fury Road (2015). I liked it for many different reasons. One of the reason I like it was that the movie showed me a different perspective about the future, and it me think what the world is doing and how this is going to end if someday it ends. It also showed me how women can be powerful and independent no matter how dangerous and unbelievable the situation is. This movie proved to me what I had always believed, that empowered women are able to do whatever they want. I watched it in the airplane television when I was coming to America.



My all time favorite movie is Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (2001) because it was the first movie that I remember that I had watched when I was very young. It taught me to believe in magic, and like Mad Magic, it introduced me to a completely new world.


Week Five: Movie

Movies to Enjoy

Michelle Miramon

Train Wreck  http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/trainwreck

I enjoyed this movie because I believe that the circumstances named in this movie is very realistic.  It shows the truth and awkwardness of dating that is so real.  I watched this move on an application on my Roku, which is basically free streaming online.

Now and Then  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0114011/

This is my all time favorite movie because of the music the producers used in the movie.  After watching this movie as an adult, I’ve realized how realistic the movie may be.  I watched this movie on VHS while I was a child, but I have also watched it streaming through an application on my Roku.

Week5 : Movie – Blog5

By Masayuki Furushima

<My Favorite Movie of 2014-2015>

-Our Little Sister (2015)

When I was seeing this movie, I really considered my family, like how my parents make me and my sisters grow up. The situation of Suzu, who was the youngest sister in this movie, but not true sister with others, was so complex that I could not imagine a process of creating ‘family’. This movie will give us the value of our family, so I want to recommend it to people having frustration for their family members.

(link to rottentomatoes : http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/our_little_sister/?search=our%20litt)


<All-Time Favorite Movie>

-Departure (2008)

This movie theme is ‘about death’. Generally speaking, the image of dying is negative in order to make people sad.All people are naturally afraid to coming death. However, this movie regarded death as a final send-off to heaven. I think it is amazing to look at it from a different angle.

(link to rottentomatoes : http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/10010675-departures/)

Week 4: Newspaper or Audio

Best Media of 2014-15

By Sergio Cano

My favorite movie was probably Creed. It was my favorite only because it was about a boxing life and I always thought a fighter’s life was always interesting. For an oldie it would have to be Star Wars since I have watch every episode and have grown up loving them. You could find these movies in maybe samples if you go on YouTube. In some videos they give out the full movie but it will come out with poor quality.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uv554B7YHk4&list=PLCPDkp-t869n0QEzICEePTYfF6isRo-8B (Creed).

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bD7bpG-zDJQ (Star Wars Episode 1).


Week 5: Movie or Television Blog 5

By Whitney Stein

I usually do not watch movies so my library is limited and the amount of movies that I have watched in 2014, 2015 is also limited. Based on watching a couple movies from the two years, I would have to say Interstellar was my favorite. Interstellar took my mind and completely turned it inside out. It challenged my way of thinking about different realms of the universe and it also made me think outside of what I know about the world and  how I see it to this day. Even though it’s a fiction movie, it forced me to think outside the box and those are the kinds of movies that are worth watching. All time favorite movie is probably Girl, Interrupted because of how psychologically challenged it was. It was directed in the 1990’s but continues to make me think about ward houses and mental illness to this day. It’s interesting to say the least.

I saw both movies on DVD at home. One with a friend and Girl, Interrupted I own.



Blog 5 Favorite Movie

By Mckinley Thompson

My favorite movie of 2015 was Creed written by Ryan Coogler and Aaron Covington directed by Ryan Coogler. The movie stars Michael B. Jordan and reprising his role as Rocky Balboa Sylvester Stallone. It was the perfect addition to the Rocky series with superb performances by everyone involved. This is the boxing movie I’ve always wanted and never knew I needed. It also won Stallone his first Golden Globe and there’s a good chance it will win him his first Oscar in a few weeks as well. Ryan Coogler also got the job of directing Marvel studios Black Panther movie because of his work in Creed and Fruitvale Station. I don’t have an all time favorite movie I just have a lot of movies that I like so I guess I’ll just pick Sleeping With Other People. This was another movie from 2015 starring Jason Sudeikis and Alison Brie directed by Leslye Headland. It’s just a great romantic comedy made by really funny people with some fun twists added to keep it exciting. Jason Sudeikis and Alison Brie have great chemistry which adds a genuine feeling to their performances.  I saw both movies in theaters multiple times and plan to watch them more as time goes on.


http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3076658/ – Creed

http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3165612/ – Sleeping With Other People

Week 5: Movie or Television

Good Movie to Watch

By Peter Ngo

One of my favorite movie is Transformers: Age of Extinction, that came out in 2014. I was always a fan of Transformers since I was a little kid and end up watching all the Transformers movie in theater when it came out. The visual effect when the car started to transformed into robot were amazing and the action scene were even better with bullet or missile flying around the background. A old movie that was my all time favorite would have to be the matrix series as it had a good plot with everyone is living in a dream world that we aren’t aware off. The fight scene were also good with the slow motion fighting and walking on wall while shooting gun were amazing. I was introduced to the matrix by my father and end watching all three of  the trilogy using Netflix at home.

Blog #5

Week 5: Movies

By Audelynn Ciana Felix

I don’t really watch movies too often but I really liked The Maze Runner (2014) when I saw it in the movie theater. The story of this movie was really interesting to me even though it didn’t get the best ratings online. It’s also based off of the book series of the same name (The Maze Runner by James Dashner).

Here’s the trailer:


I’m not sure if this is my favorite movie of all time but, I watched Kiki’s Delivery Service (1989 in Japan, 1998 in US) so many times that I’ve lost count. I really like the characters of this movie and the animation is really cute. I watched this on my computer

Here’s the original trailer in Japanese (this has English Subtitles):

Here’s the US trailer for the English Dubbed version:

Week 5: Movie or Television

Week 5: Movie or Television

Favorite Movies

By Jacqueline Contreras

My favorite movie of 2015 is titled “Room”, it follows the tale of a mother and young son, who is five years old, who have been held captive in a small room for years. I like this movie because it shows the strong love mothers have for their children, and in this case it shows the mother’s fierce dedication to escape the room so that her son may be safe and begin to explore the world he does not know exists. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3170832/?ref_=fn_al_tt_4 (I watched it in a movie theater)

“Forest Gump” is my all time favorite movie, as I am sure it is with many others. I enjoy watching this movie because it is like a timeline of significant national events and because it reminds us that people with mental disabilities are just as capable of achieving success as others. I first watched this movie on VHS.


Week 5: Movie or Television

By: Tony Phan

I do not watch a lot of movies in general, but my favorite movie of 2014-2015 would have to be Straight Outta Compton. What I liked about it was the fact that it was based on the lives of real people, and the issues it dealt with are issues that are still relevant with us today, such as police brutality. Also, it is a movie about a rap group, which is one of my favorite genres. My all time favorite movie would have to be The Last Samurai. As mentioned, I do not watch a lot of movies but when then comes on I can still watch it over and over and not get tired of it. I love the fact that it did a great job of showcasing Japanese culture in a way that is not tacky. I have always found Japanese culture interesting and samurai culture especially. I also have a thing for military movies based on “last stands” such as Leonidas and the Spartans in 300. 

Straight Outta Compton IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1398426/

The Last Samurai IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0325710/?ref_=nv_sr_6

The Last Samurai trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T50_qHEOahQ


Media Impact of Business Aspect of the Media – Blog 2

Week 2 – Media Impact of Business Aspect of the Media

The Unaffected Truth

By Talia Hudgens

The fact that media outlets are controlled by corporations doesn’t affect the amount of choices we have when it comes to choosing what medium we want to use to educate or entertain us. As individuals of the 21st century, we have access to almost too much information and media that sometimes it becomes abused or taken out of our control. The shows or programs that aren’t available on television, can easily be found online; the same goes for music and books. This day in age, it is common for corporations to be the primary leaders backing the most successful media outlets we have today. In my opinion, it is unintentional that by refusing to place everyday women or men on covers of magazines, an instant psychological effect will occur; however, the models are edited and placed in a more appealing light – which is why the few moments of body-shaming occur when looking at a cover. This affect may also spark a purchase, just to sulk in the jealousy even further.  (I know simply because I have been there.) Fortunately, with the rise of other mediums such as blogging and podcasting, the media can be publicly ridiculed, interpreted or praised (which is rare) by an everyday sender and their loyal followers. There are many other perspectives on this topic that are coming to light in many forms such as documentaries. Missrepresentation and Dark Girls are a couple of popular documentaries that highlight how the media negatively affects girls and women and the process of how it warps their self-image and esteem and what can be done about it.

Newspaper or Audio? – Blog 4

Week 4 – Newspaper or Audio

Racial Publicizing

By Talia Hudgens

I have a natural ability to pair my emotions with music so through the use of electronic music software like GarageBand where I have produced several songs. One song that I made (which is untitled for now) reminds me of the music from the Target commercials with it’s chic, pop vibe which I think is subconsciously where I drew my inspiration from. My favorite oldie is from the late Etta James, Something’s Got a Hold on Me. Even though the song was made in 1963, the lyrics and tone of the song sounds very modern and hasn’t aged. Many electronic DJs sample her vocals from that song and insert it to be the vocals for their beats. The song that I made was first heard through GarageBand since that was the software I decided to use for the song. Something’s Got a Hold on Me was first heard over the radio. You can hear Something’s Got a Hold on Me Here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFmHOCUKTfM and my song here: https://soundcloud.com/taliashmalia/my-song-4.

Three Books Most Influential To Me

Week 3: Books or Magazines

Three Books Most Influential To Me

By Alejandro Orozco

The first book I have read were the “Harry Potter” books By J.K. Rowling. What makes it influential to me is that these series of books kept me engaged to keep on reading one after the other. Once I would finish one I would immediately go read the next one. I have never been so interested in books until I started reading the “Harry Potter” books.

The Second book is I have read was Tear Of A Tiger By Sharon Draper. It was influential to me because it taught me not to dwell on the past and  not to be so hard on yourself. That things happen for a reason and you have to move on and not be stuck on the past.

My third most influential book is by Ronda Rousey “My Fight/Your Fight”. A memoir about her events in life she would undergo such as what she would do to prepare for herself before her fight for the UFC. I found it influence because it just gave me more motivation to strive on to achieve success like she did.

Dexter Made Me Do It

Week 2: Media Impact or Business Aspect of Media

By Alejandro Orozco

A show called “Dexter”where the main character is a Miami police forensic expert but has a hidden urge to just murder people but he only murders the guilty. “This show has won a Golden Globe for his portrayal but the show but the was criticized in the U.S. for its violent theme by the Parents Television Council.” In this article a teenage boy who strangled his younger brother said he was inspired by the TV series “Dexter”. This is an example of one blaming his actions on a TV show.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1312182/Teenager-inspired-TV-Dexter-murder-brother.html#ixzz3xQbfv0IL

Week 2: Media Impact or Business Aspect of Media

Media Consumers Have More Choices Than Fewer

By Paula Jung

In the twenty-first century, there are a myriad of options in terms of media options. There are hundreds, even thousands of television channels and seemingly a channel of any specific interest or hobby one could imagine. However many of these channels are owned by a few, large corporations, so do the consumers have more choices, or actually less choices? In my personal opinion, I believe that the consumers do have more options instead of having fewer. Though it could be true that these corporations could be controlling and pre-approving of what kind of material television shows could be airing, I believe that the audience has more power to decide what ends up showing on the television screen. An example showing this could be the fact that, for many popular shows currently such as Community, Parks and Recreation, and Adventure Time, many times the plot of these shows sometimes are determined because of how fans online openly discuss of how they would like to see these television shows unfold. Many a times, the writers and directors actually respond and listen to fans.

For this reason, I believe that the audience actually controls the media because they have the power to decide whether they want to watch a specific kind of show and not the other. Another supporting example is the popular television series, The Flash, which features the DC Comics Superhero who has the ability to run at lightning speed and uses his power to help save people in his hometown city, Central City. The show is owned by DC Comics which is notably owned by Warner Bros. Although the show is under a large corporation, if it were not for the avid fan base, the show would not be as popular as it is and vice versa, if the show did not comply to the superhero fans’ expectations to be meticulous and careful to match the original Flash comic series, the fans would revolt against the show causing others to avoid the television series. So although a handful of large corporations own most of the media, I personally believe that the audience are ultimately the ones who hold the most power in determining what is on television, and what kinds of shows are out there.


Week 3: Books or Magazines

The Three Most Influential Books

By Paula Jung

Though I would not consider myself an avid reader, there are a few books that I have read that have stuck out to me even after having finished reading them. Three books include The Hunger Games, The Glass Castle, and the Catcher in the Rye.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins: Though the book series have been around for several years already, I had read the first Hunger Games book for my first writing class in college. Although the book was chosen for the English course as an intentional easy read so that the student could focus on learning how to write properly rather than studying the book material, I found the Hunger games to be an enjoyable and quick read—and it stayed with me even after the class because I felt like the entertaining aspect of the novel actually helped me to revive my interest on academic writing and also, reading for pleasure.

The Glass Castle: A Memoir by Jeannette Walls. This book was also required reading for another English and writing course I took at De Anza. I found the book to be interesting, engaging, and unique in its story. The true stories of a prominent New York journalist who secretly is hiding a troubled past intrigued me and I found myself eager to continue reading the novel. This book also stayed with my afterwards in that it helped me to again, like the Hunger Games, revive my interest in academia, the art of writing, and also the art of movie-making, as we discussed how The Glass Castle would be turned into a movie in the future.

Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger: Catcher in the Rye is a well-known coming of age novel and was one of the few books I actually read in high school. It was a novel I was actually quite excited to read, hearing so many things about the book but not having the chance to read it myself. I enjoyed the main character, Holden Caulfield, and his tragic attitude on life. I particularly liked Catcher in the Rye because it personally made me feel like I received the “high school English class” experience of reading classic novels that are well-known, notable, and relatable.


Links on amazon.com:

The Hunger Games: http://www.amazon.com/Hunger-Games-Book-1/dp/0439023521/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1453812909&sr=8-2&keywords=the+hunger+games

The Glass Castle: http://www.amazon.com/Glass-Castle-Memoir-Jeannette-Walls/dp/074324754X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1453812935&sr=8-1&keywords=the+glass+castle

Catcher in the Rye: http://www.amazon.com/Catcher-Rye-1991-White/dp/B00FAMBBQU/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1453812953&sr=8-3&keywords=catcher+in+the+rye


Week 1 blog post.

By Adam Ahlblad
Mass Media in Communication
Professor Dada

Blog post #1 Media Autobiography

My current experience with Media is unsteady, since I do not believe much of what I’m exposed to on Social Media channels (such as Facebook and Instagram) I am limited to peer/parental influence and personal exploration. When I do gather media its usually through the internet, Local papers or Major nationwide papers. I tend to not watch TV, except for during major events. As for books, Magazines and Newspapers I like to read at least a few hours every week. reading helps me remember new events and changes in trend. Last but not least I categorize Radio and Movies into the same group because they are both purely channels of entertainment, I don’t use them for important media.
My main sources of Media consumption always lean towards Family influenced, Read in paper or books, or collected through the internet. Its good to have these bridges with Media fairly strong so that If I need them they are there. Hopefully I can build them throughout this course. I don’t imagine using them frequently until I’m older, but making time at the moment to improve clean consumption is helpful. Possibly I could need them for a job in the future, journalism was never a career id ever expect to pursue but now I see some pleasure in a job like that. With my Major being communications I should certainly consider Journalism, and my knowledge could be expanded further at a University. Applications have been sent in and so far I have not heard back from the school of my choice. As of the moment I am Limited to San Fransisco, Humboldt, or North-ridge and a few other Universities. Waiting on an acceptance letter from Sonoma, where I wish to continue my schooling.

Blog post week 2

By Adam Ahlblad

Mass Communication

Professor Dada

Blog post #2 Business aspect of Media

I agree that our choice of media channels is greater than ever, and I recognize that the outlets are mostly from 6 large conglomerates. I still believe today’s Media is “better” than previous Media in prior centuries. I use the word better because I believe media today is much more preferred, at least by many of its users. The older media was being produced by whomever wanted to put out information, this opens up a greater chance of false statements. Sources would be harder to check (if provided) and words could be sided with any biased or just personal opinion. There was not major producers pulling against each other to balance themselves out. I’m not saying that today’s news is as balanced or significant as it could be; but sources are easier to check, have more pressure to be correct, and there is also access to much more powerful Media today. Although one could see today’s media as being less “free” because of major conglomerates, I choose to view them as a strong fact check. The audience is the number one controller of Media, if one of these mass producers is caught lying they jeopardize their control and credibility. This chapter was beginning to lead me to believe that the audience does not have as much control as I thought, but after the debate in class I’m now back to believing fairly securely that as long as there is other major conglomerates, the audience is in control.

Blong post #3 Books or Magazines

By Adam Ahlblad
The decision between a book or a magazine for Media depends on whether they are for news (local or distant), entertainment, personal interest, comprehension skills, and more. I chose activity choice A for this question. Three books that have made the greatest impact on my life. Number one: Where the red fern grows. Just remembering all the way back to this book makes me feel like I could cry. Ive read this book at least two times and cried both times. This book touches my emotions very deeply and made me feel for this boy and his two dogs and I’ve never owned a dog in my life. The struggle and passion along with the following adventure and journey really formed a place in my mind and heart, it is the first book I think about when somebody brings up special books. Number two: The Vice Guide To Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll. This book taught me what not to do. If one ever gets a chance to read over it I advise they take the opportunity. Even if its just for one or two stories. Technically the book is made from a Magazine line many are familiar with called “Vice”, originally called “Voice” but changed in 1996. It covers 89 issues and is filled with articles from punk bands to violence, or clothing lines, record labels, groupie stories and incredible or unfortunate drug stories. This book is a million life lessons (from a life lived on the edge) piled into one. Number 3: GooseBumps: This third one was only made one of the top three because of how much time I spent with them. Ive read over 50 goosebumps books, easily. They did make me laugh, be happy, sad, worried, and literally scared, but they also took me on a journey more than any book. I literally felt as if I was in the many stories, Actually able to see what was going on just by reading the words. There was editions where one could choose their own path by turning to a certain page if they wanted option A, and another for option B. If I made the wrong choice the book could end shortly after or keep getting deeper. Countless endings to the many books that allowed diverting from the original path. Goosebumps genuinely taught me that it doesn’t take much more than words to take you away to another world.

Week 4: Newspaper or Audio

By Yang Zhang

My favorite song recording is [let her go] from Passenger . The reason I like this song , because every tine I listen this song is touch my heart ,it is not because expression about the love ,also when you heard this song ,u are thinking about life too ,don’t get any opportunity passed you.

For the my favorite oldie song is beatles – hey jude . This is a legend song and every time when I feel exhaust about life or something bad happened , the song will let you cheer up

Hello from the Football Side

By David Carbajal


In 2015, there were many great sound bites whether it was J. Cole taking over the hip-hop world, the return of Adele with her new album and every sound bite of Donald Trump has made since running for president but my favorite was a football sound clip done by comedian Rob Riggle. On November 8th, Fox NFL Sunday’s comedian analyst Rob Riggle did a parody of Adele’s song “Hello” describing a division in football the NFC East which comprise of the New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys. I loved this sound bite, because it was great use of the top song at the time and mixing it with comedy and football was perfect me and my family are mostly 49er fans so to hear something make fun of the Cowboys is always a good time. My favorite oldie is probably the reason why I have such a love for dance, it is a clip from the movie Breakin’ 2 the movie is about three friends who share a passion for dance the clip that I really enjoyed is a character by the name of Turbo is trying to find a way to impress a girl and through that he does an awesome choreography of dancing on the walls. This clip was awesome to see for the first time when I was younger to see someone dancing on the walls is always cool and it is a true reason why I love to dance so much now.

Week 4: Newspaper or Audio – Blog 4

By: Whitney Stein

I strongly believe that the news should not identify the sex of the person or race of the person in the story that the news is covering because it re-affirms sexism, racism, and possibly classism. If the consumers wanted to find out more information about the story if it was so important to them, then they can search with the name of the name of the main story (that the news is covering). I don’t think that the news/media should put the information of the person. The quality of the news wouldn’t change in a negative way- it would be much more of a positive way to express the story due to no bias’s. If the main characters in the story that the news is covering do not mind then I think that it is completely fine at that point. But if the news is adding that information about the person’s race, age, or sex to validate maybe what that person did- that’s when I strongly believe it’s wrong and its re-affirming social injustice behavior.

If the sources of the news are of minority backgrounds, different ages, and/or female/male I still do not believe that it would improve the quality of the work produced. Diversity is not just the cover of the book- its deeper than that and this is something that many often misinterpret. Socially I think many of us would like to see more female reporters- such as woman of color, however, that’s not to say it would “improve” the story. It may make an impact on our political and social systems, such as our communities but that wouldn’t necessarily make the news story any better.

Week 4: Newspaper or Audio

The Problem With Misrepresentation

By William Tolentino

Media bias is popular. Newspapers sell stories for money. Ethics and morals be damned. Freedom of expression makes sure such practices continue messing with people’s already skewed view of a reality they think is alive just because they saw pictures and videos of it online. Given how ignorant the majority are and don’t pay much attention despite being manipulated behind the shadows by people with 20th century values, things are going to continue worsening. It’s a sad commentary on the United States how people have taken advantage of the privileges their country offered them. The fact that you can do anything here as long as it doesn’t hurt other people is liberating but unfortunately the quote “a sucker is born every minute” rings so much truth, con men won’t blink twice even if they give you wrong information. People care a lot. The problem is what to care about and sometimes this basic instinct for community and survival not only doesn’t help us be better human beings, sometimes it turns us into outright cartoon super villains just because we can’t let go of beliefs some uncaring monster fed to us before we were old enough to understand morals. This then leads a lot of us into defending things which don’t make sense or things we believe are right because someone told us it is so it must be because we’re not going to admit we got fed fabricated and ultimately, useless knowledge that doesn’t help us or anyone for that matter. Minorities have become the target for a lot of the blame despite no clear evidence as well as the fact that every race, gender, young or old, of any sexual orientation, are all capable of becoming criminals yet the media still loves throwing dirt at women and people of color in particular as if there’s something wrong with being different from the image of a tall suited stud of European descent. The news can improve with a variety of sources from all kinds of people but media all over the country has simplified what’s supposed to be an unbiased, ambiguous source of information into a rage outlet with nothing to say than to scream murder at the wind. If it’s a crime, find a minority. The label has become the go-to excuse for all things people can’t control, but still, things are improving.

If it does not contribute, do not add it

Week 4: Newspaper

If it does not contribute, do not add it

By Andrew Masek


In this day and age (or any for that matter) our news should not be affected by what gender the source is or if the source is a “minority” or not. News is news, and whatever is being told shouldn’t be subjected to judgment based on race or gender. If a story is being run that has nothing to do with race or gender, then there is no point in adding the extra detail, because it does not do anything to move the story forward. At that point, adding those details may be used as a tactic to get more readers or something of that nature and that just isn’t right. I propose that instead of using the persons gender or race, use some other way to identify them, like perhaps creating a generic name (if they are uncomfortable with using their own) or just some other way of identifying the person. Superfluous information hinders the story and it may even confuse readers. Using their profession might be a good way to go about it if credibility is what you’re after, but overall, if it doesn’t contribute to the story, there is no need to add it.

It’s all about the bass.

Week 4:  Audio

It’s all about the bass.

By:  Michelle Miramon


Marvin Gaye -Charlie Puth Ft. Mehgan Trainor


I love this song because it sounds like a 50’s song and I enjoy music in that era.  I prefer music with meaning and/or a message behind the music itself.  It’s very interesting how new artists/artists trail back and use music samples from years ago and put a new twist in it as well.  I believe the first time I heard this song was on Pandora, which is a music app from my phone.  Not too long after I heard this song through Pandora, I heard it on the radio all the time.

Unforgettable – Nat King Cole


I enjoy this oldie because it reminds me of my Lolo and Lola (grandparents).  Every time I hear this song it reminds me of my Lolo and Lola because when it was played, my Lolo would sing and dance to the song with my Lola.   I heard this song while I was staying with my Lolo and Lola’s place when I was a child.  I believe my Lolo was playing a tape recording of this song from his boom box.


Week 4: Newspaper or Audio

By: Nick Verbin

I do not think that it is necessary information to list a source as being a female or a minority. I believe that this only perpetuates racism and sexism in our news media. Unless it is necessary or vital to the story, information like this should be left anonymous. If we continue to draw this line between male/female and majority/minority, what will happen is this will lead to further segregation. If we simply pay attention to the content of a message or news source, the focus will be on their words and their opinions.

However, I do believe that there are certain instances where this is acceptable. The times this is acceptable is when it adds more context to the story. For example, if the story is about women or minorities, the addition of a clear source may benefit the story by giving the source credibility or legitimacy. In an article about the oppression of women in America, a source written by a man may not be seen as legitimate as a source from a woman who might actually have first hand experience on what it means to be oppressed in America.

Blog post #4

By Adam Ahlblad

News outlets certainly should identify sources in a story. A stories sources are as important as the story itself. Whether that source is a woman, man, or child of any ethnicity doesn’t matter in my opinion. If it is a credible source that supplies the information I personally do not need to know about their background or roots unless it is directly important to the story. Whether it is or is not the source should be included, if one wants to add extra information so be it. I can see how this could slightly be affected by racism though. Lets say for example back in either of the World Wars (or any era) where racism was holding down the development of certain people, if an article was found written by the opposite party their source(s) might be a little  more questionable. Its very easy to lure readers into false or exaggerated information if those around them have bias, already formed opinions. Sources are critical, if a journalists article does not have sources immediately it will be disregarded by any serious news consumer. Sometimes even the wrong sources can turn people away from articles, but still I believe every source used should be stated for professionalism.


By Gabriela Sanches

My favorite sound recording of 2014-15 was “Mi Verdad” by the Colombian pop singer Shakira and the Mexican rock band Maná. This is my favorite song recording because Shakira has not composed romantic songs like this in a long time. She used to sing this kind of music in the beginning of her career, but she has not written it since she became famous. So for me this song was like hearing her past records. Also, Shakira starred in the music video pregnant, which makes sense because the song talks about true love. I first heard this song in digital format.


My favorite oldie is “Yesterday” by The Beatles. I first listened to this song on the radio. I like this recording because it describes so many moments of my life and it gives me new advices every time I listen to this song. It is like each time I hear this music I learn something new about emotions and love.


Week 4 Blog 4

By Mckinley Thompson

No, news outlets shouldn’t identify a sources minority or gender especially if it’s not important to the story. I don’t know how else to say that it shouldn’t matter and fill up the required space to receive credit for the work. A sources gender or ethnicity shouldn’t matter if what they’re saying helps paint a better picture of the story being told or shines a new light on the story, that’s all that matters. Sharing the gender or ethnicity of a source could almost be seen as an effort to discredit the source or put into question their credibility. I don’t think having women or minorities as sources adds anything to the news. Again I’ll say that it shouldn’t matter, if it’s news that’s all that matters.

Week 4: Newspapers

Sara Raheem

Race or gender should not be involved within a story unless it is a prevalent part about what occurred. Examples would be, if a robbery occurred and a journalist was interested in taking a woman’s perspective on what happened, it would be unnecessary to state what gender the person being quoted is. Whereas if something as a hate crime were committed, it would make the race of the individual a prevalent part, holding some importance of what should be written. I am torn in between on whether stating the race or gender would improve the news, but I do believe it’d improve the variety of it. Most people being quoted are predominantly Caucasian  people, which inaccurately depicts the general population. By involving different races and genders into the news would improve it by giving diverse opinions. Overall, stating the race or gender could help in some circumstances but would not be a great impact on the audience reading the newspaper.

Blog#4: Newspaper or Audio

Blog #4: Newspaper or Audio

By : Pho Le

In the news , people should outlets identify a source quoted in a story as being female or a minority even if the race or sex has no bearing on the story because in the news, having the female or minority would make the news or the sources more reliable that it makes the audience would like to read the news. Although , I’m concerning about having the race identify in the news will not be a good idea because some people nowadays still being racist toward specific race that they hate , therefore , having the race identify in the news would make it less reliable . Additionally , nones would like to identify themselves as hispanic, Latinos or Asian because they were born in a specific country . For example ,you’re Vietnamese and in the news , they identify you as Asian , but the audience would identify you as Chinese because the news didn’t identify you as specific race. Furthermore, having women and minority sources would improve the quality of the news because they knew what was happened , they are not nervous under the camera , but if the news included a teenagers then they would be nervous and under pressure , so they would say something that is not supposed to say in the news or say something wrong. However , people who are not minority could include in the news, but there must be a minority person in it , so we can have a different perspective of the events.

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