Political Ads Of 2012 (Manuel Romero)

Manuel Romero

This are the two propaganda techniques that I chose and saw how they were used in advertising.

ONE. Reductio Ad Hitlerum (Obtain Disapproval)

This type of propaganda technique connects someone’s idea or personality with a hate group. This makes it easy to gather opposition against that person.

Ex. “You know that Hitler loved dogs. You love dogs too. You’re a nazi!”

In the set of commercials, it was portrayed that Obama had the support from Hugo Chavez, Vladimir Putin, and Fidel Castro. It attempted to portray Obama as someone who went with their ideas; or at least that people who were dictators supported Obama.

TWO. Loaded Language

This type of propaganda technique uses specific wording in order to convey a emotion that they want to send out to the audience.

Ex. Instead of using ‘protest’ they use ‘riot’. Riots has a negative connotation.

In the set of commercials talking about Obama they said “after gambling your money” makes Obama sound irresponsible. And ‘your’ money makes it sound like he took it from you.

After sometime looking for ads showing propaganda techniques, I finally found one.  My reaction during those videos was of disappointment since the commercials used  some quotes that could be out of context. In addition, I thought that comparing Obama to Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, etc was unfair, and I don’t even support him. They also used a dark image (with dark glasses and money flying around) to accuse the opposition in order to make that person look corrupt.



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