Week 9: Propaganda in Advertising/PR

After reading through the different propaganda techniques, one of the first examples I though of was the man from the Old Spice commercials. These commercials use the techniques “beautiful people” and “direct order”. The beautiful people technique is one that uses famous people or good looking people in order to convince the audience that the product being advertised will make a person happy, successful, or even just good looking. The direct order technique is one in which an ad states a clear order to the audience without giving another option. The man in these Old Spice commercials is known for pointing out how “manly” and “flawless”. He claims that men need to use Old Spice cologne in order to look like him. This is how the technique beautiful people is used. In the specific ad I am going to attach to this entry, you will see that it states “Smell Like a Man, Man”, this is directly stating to the audience that a man needs Old Spice in order to smell like a man. Therefore, this is an example of the direct order technique.

Link to Old Spice ad: http://rolltidepr.files.wordpress.com/2010/12/old-spice-man-isaiah-mustafa_510.jpg


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