Humans are misusing their power

“Cruel, atrocious, bloodthirsty, inhumane, lack of compassion …” People seem to use lots of words for the police’s action of shooting the lion, but one is enough: “HASTY.”

The images of a mountain lion running down from the hill and losing itself in a resident’s front yard make people wonder if the natural habitats still exist in this world. If the natural environment is large enough for the wild animals, we may never have a chance to see them appearing in our yards just for “relaxing?!” No doubt the areas of the natural habitats are more and more narrowed by the human impact. People have been deforesting for agricultural development, companies and expanding their residential areas.

The government always calls upon people to live in harmony with the environment, and they have set up many laws for protecting nature and wild animals. However, in an emergency in which human security are threatened, people still put their priorities above all, and they readily root out every cause of the “dangers.”

By that shooting, the police are working against all of the governmental appeals as well as our efforts to conserve the natural environment. If killing is the only way to protect us from dangerous lions, people should hunt them down in the local mountains. However, we should consider if it is a wise decision. Absolutely NOT! Shooting is a simple solution, in contrast with the time, money and efforts spent on protecting the natural habitats and wild animals. On the lion-den tripod website, it said because the environmental conditions for the lion’s survival are complicated such as prey availability, permanent water sources and suitable places for hiding their young cubs, raising the lions and keeping them alive become harder now. The mountain lions may be threatened with extinction in more 10-15 years by our careless persecution.

The police act of shooting lion can encourage other people to kill wild animals every time they confront them. Tranquilizing the lion could lead it to attack, which is not a persuasive excuse for the shooting act. In other words, the police do not seem to have enough preparation for this unexpected situation. They already admitted that they forgot to turn on the emergency alert system when seeing the lion in the front yard. Because the government invested nearly $200,000 for the emergency- alert device, it needs to be used appropriately. Disappointedly, the police did not use any extra options to warn the residents, like loudspeakers, or use other supporting equipment to catch the lion, except for the gun. Instead of letting the residents concentrate around the location, the police should have dispersed the crowd, so they could complete their mission in the most effective way. However, all of what happened proves their lack of experience and high responsibilities. The police seem to carry out their solution in a “rush” and careless way.

The police need more training in unusual situations, so they can solve the problems more flexibly.  Although what they did does not break the law, their act may negatively affect how people think about nature and wild animals. Like a part of the “Earth Song” by Michael Jackson, we are disregarding of the significance of natural lives:

What about nature’s worth

It’s our planet’s womb

What about animals

We’ve turned kingdoms to dust

This land does not only belong to human, so precautionary measures for troubles and balancing between our lives and other lives around us are highly appreciated. Killing should be the last choice.


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