Overzealous police edit #2

Colin Blake

Journalism 21b

14th of March, 2013

Overzealous police strike again

Many Santa Clara residents are crying foul after police shot and killed a seemingly lethargic mountain lion that found its way into a residential zone.  Police are being criticized because they did not explore other options of neutralizing the animal. Law enforcement officers claim that other methods, such as a tranquilizer gun, would have provoked the lion into a frenzy of sorts.

The lion, shot while relaxing in a tree in a resident’s yard, hardly seemed to be an immediate public danger. In fact, the lion was so calm and not bothered by the growing crowds that local television stations were able to film from close up, ultimately capturing the killing on film. The film, showing the police bullet hitting the immobile lion, which then tumbled out of the tree limp until coming to a sudden halt on the ground, was played repeatedly on a local television network.

“I’m sorry to see the police took the easy way out,” one resident said.

This kind of behavior rings of sloppiness and laziness in the highest degree. Of course, this was not the first time police have shot and killed animals for the sake of moving on with their day. The most egregious and bloody example of this barbarous behavior was exhibited in Ohio. Police, in 2011, shot and killed 48 exotic animals on a private exotic animal preserve after the owner release them; not one animal survived.

Here, in this specific situation, police had relied upon bunk information because according to Antonie Marinus, the author of “The Chemical Capture of Animals,” the dart would have caused torpor and prostration within minutes of impact. The police should do their research next time or at least have a plan to accommodate for these kinds of situations for there seems to be blood, running carelessly, from their hands.

With the shrinking natural animal habitats caused by urban sprawling, it would be wise to have an informed police force aware of ways to preserve life, in whichever form it takes, rather than guaranteeing execution. As it stands currently, and if these situations continue, the police will seem like a state funded butchering club.


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