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The Top Ten 5-Star-Short Stories

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          According to


  1. 1.      Love Ya Baby

by Gary Sanders


  1. 2.      The Gate

by Riley Banks


  1. 3.      The Drama the Street and the Seduction

by Deatri King-Bey


  1. 4.      Happy for a While

by Inge Moore


  1. 5.      Indies Unlimited: 2012 Flash Fiction

by K.S. Brooks


  1. 6.      Starch

by Mary Anna Evans


  1. 7.      The Night the Moon Made a Sound

by Andersen Prunty


  1. 8.      African Short Stories- Adventures of Kalulu the Hare

by Lina Clay


  1. 9.      Horror Murder Life War: 5 Short Stories (Living in Eric’s Shorts)

by Eric Drouant


  1. 10.  Lust- Seven Literary Flash Fiction Stories (The Seven Deadly Sins)

by A.S. Anand



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