Extra Credit: Restaurant Review. Siam Thai Cuisine – the quintessence of Thai character

A marriage of centuries, a combination between old Eastern and modern Western areas converges on something called uniquely Thai character. Being considered as an exhibition of food quintessence, Siam Thai Cuisine is a choice that the admirers of Thai food cannot dismiss.

The restaurant includes a lunch menu and other specialties. On the lunch menu, there are variable kinds of food made from chicken, shrimp, beef and tofu with prices around $9-$10. Siam Thai appetizers attract customers by their remarkable names such as “Angel Chicken Wings,” “Golden Tofu,” and especially “Pla Muk Yaung,” which are fillets of calamari char-broiled, served with house sweet garlic sauce. The price of an appetizer is expensive because it is near the price of a main meal. However, the restaurant sometimes introduces its new appetizer by giving customers free samples with their meal.

Whether it is chilli-hot or bland, the harmony is a guiding principle behind each dish.  The “Metro Newspaper” has awarded Siam Thai with the “Best Tom Yum Soup” in the Silicon Valley. There are many kinds of soup such as Tom Yum Kung, Tom Yum Kai, Tom Yum Poa Tak, but their mutual feature is a hot and sour flavored broth with lime juice, lemongrass and crushed roasted pepper.

Salad is a healthy choice with a diversity of vegetables such as green papaya, tomatoes, green beans, cucumber and green leaf lettuce which become more delicious by being marinated with prawns and fish sauce.

With the same kinds of meat such as pork and beef, the restaurant can change them into many different recipes with abundant ingredients such as garlic, peppers, sweet and sour or barbecue sauce.

The curry is also a specialty in Siam Thai Cuisine including green curry, yellow curry, especially red curry beef and pumpkin, which accompanies beef with coconut milk, pumpkin, peppers and basil.

The restaurant likes to cook seafood (salmon, prawn and calamaries) with coconut milk, Thai basil, bell peppers and garlic to get rid of their fish odor as well as create their mouthwatering fragrances.

Fried rice is made from Thai jasmine rice, which is soft, sweet-smelling, but not too glutinous. Besides, Pad Thai, Pad See Ew and Pad Wood Sen are three most famous kinds of noodles in Siam Thai. Pad See Ew is made from the biggest threads, while Pad Wood Sen is made from the slimmest threads.

There are variable choices of deserts that no place else can have in Siam Thai such as  fried banana with homemade coconut ice cream,  sweet sticky rice with fresh mango Thai, and custard on sweet rice and coconut milk. All of them are served with the price of only $4.95. Besides, Thai ice tea is the most special beverage, sweet and scented with $2.75 for each glass.

Although the restaurant is small, it has a warm and hospitable atmosphere. The interior decorations are formal and traditionally Thai characteristic. The restaurant uses dim red light which creates relaxing and intimate feelings for the customers. Siam Thai is an ideal place for serving family, formal meetings and dating.

The only weakness of the restaurant is long time waiting for food, which is about 20 minutes, but if you buy food to-go, you will be served first.

If you have never had a chance to enjoy Thai cuisine with traditional perfection, don’t hesitate to visit Siam Thai or choose this place for your family and friends meetings. Try one time, and you will never regret it.

Siam Thai Cuisine

Score: 21/30

Address: 1080 S De Anza Blvd, San Jose, CA 95129

Phone:(408) 366-1080

Prices: $9-$15

Serving Hours:

Lunch Hours: Mon – Sat: 11:30AM – 2:30PM

Dinner Hours: Weeknights 5PM – 9:30 PM

Weekends: 5PM – 10PM

(Closed for dinner on Monday)



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