A Writing Investment

Journal 21b is a class that teaches students the basics of feature writing. It is a class worth taking even if journalism is not your major.

However, taking a news writing class before taking a feature writing class is not advised. Many would think that news writing would be better to learn first because it helps you gain better journalistic skills but that is debatable.

The main reason being is that when you take a news writing class, the main thing is to be as factual as possible. The main point is to put all important things first where as feature writing has both facts and creativity to make the story interesting or as journalist would say a fluff piece which means exaggerated.

De Anza new coming Journalism teacher Farideh Dada taught this specific class. Her ideals on how to teach a feature class was very frightening at first, but as time went on the flow of things became easier to understand.

The main problem about the class was when assignments were due. The dates came off as confusing, the dates should have been more informative that way students would not become confused while looking at the assignment schedule.

Ap style is something that many of journalism writers need to know and the Ap stylebook is practically the bible for said writers. It would have been more helpful for the students if they were given a cheat sheet that would help them know the most common used things in Ap that way there would have been less errors when stories were written.

The things that really helped in this class were the peer critiques. It let students know what they needed to work on as well as get advice from fellow students on how to make the story more enjoyable as well as how to fix errors that may have been missed.

As for grading, Dada made sure that students received the grade that they deserved as well as have them great feed back as to what they need to work on as well.

All in all, this feature writing class was very informative and worth taking with Dada. You just have to get use to her teaching methods if you have taken a journalism class before. It would also be best to take this class with a friend who has taken a journalism class or two just incase you need some outside help.


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