Class Evaluation

Kyle Bachan



Journalism 21B


I enjoyed this class this quarter, although I got off to a very slow start. I was missing the book for the first couple weeks, but I was able to catch up a little. I enjoyed writing the AP words on the board, especially after I was able to change my letter to something that had more interesting subjects.


The in-class assignments were doable as well, and I can see why you assigned them. If we were to take journalism up as our profession, exercises like these would definitely help organize and make your articles more exciting and readable. Sometime I felt like we should’ve started earlier, or had a little more time to complete the assignments, sometimes I felt that because of lack of time, decisions could be rushed and whole thought processes didn’t have enough time to lay out.  I liked the assignment where we drew out our own page, as well as putting the story in order, it was a fun mind puzzle.


Some of the homework assignments were challenging, I kind of felt blind going in. I wasn’t really sure what you were looking for, I wish there was some more guidance. Maybe during class give more examples of types of stories, show us simple feature stories so that we feel like we can write on that level and have a better idea of how stories should turn out. If Harry Potter was a feature story, and you gave that to us as an example it would confuse the hell out of us, but if you show us Dr.Seuss as a feature story and used that as an example, it would be a lot more encouraging and basic so that we could grasp concepts and feel more active and less confused when writing stories of our own.


The quizzes are okay, I understand you can’t please everyone, but sometimes a little wordplay might influence a student to choose a certain answer depending on their chain of thought. They aren’t wrong but their answer isn’t right, but you’re quizzes are at a good level, I like them.


In class, it really is hard to see the board. Especially with the back row of lights on and the light coming from the window. It really hurts the contrast. During some of the slideshows I seriously couldn’t keep up with the writing, and I consider myself a fast writer. I understand you have to multitask, but it really is hard to struggle to finish up writing what you have on the board and listen at the same time. Reading and listening kind of cancel each other out when you do it at the same time. When we were doing abbreviations, I was so concentrated on writing the notes down as fast as I could before you went to the next page that I honestly wasn’t able to concentrate on what you were telling us as a class.


I felt kind of lost throughout the quarter, especially in the beginning. I like you as a person, and your teaching style is cool as well, I just felt like a little more clarity and guidance could’ve helped, or maybe I just really wasn’t understanding some things. I enjoy coming to your class, and I’m sorry that I’m not always exactly on time, but I try my best. Sometimes I leave at 8:10am, but get there even later than I would when I leave at 8:40am, it really sucks. A lot happens in 45 miles of highway.  But overall, I really like your class, and I’m grateful for all the things you taught us. Thank you Ms. Dada.




One response to “Class Evaluation”

  1. jwa8402 says :

    I think you improved a lot during the class though.


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