Class Highlights (Manuel Romero)

What I learned from Jour 2

Thanks to this class I learned on many levels. I enjoyed reading some of the history behind the different types of mediums that we read. There were many concepts that I previously did not know about until now. Due to my background we were also taught to be careful  with what we watched, so I think in general I’m wary of the media around me. I have learned the different types of media impacts and theories which were interesting (Agenda Setting theory, Cultivation theory,etc). When it came to learning about the Media Law and Ethics sections, I increased in my understanding of the concepts. Previously, I heard about libel issues, but now I understand that libel issues are complex and that there are somethings like actual malice that the accuser has to prove.  I was not aware of the philosophical backing by the Puritan John Milton to encourage free speech, this discovery was cool for me.


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