Extra credit restaurant review

The vineyards of Tuscany and moonlit boat rides on the Venice canal floats to one’s mind when they taste the authenticity of the Neapolitan styled pizza from Pizza Bocca Lupo.

Pizza Bocca Lupo, a term that means good luck in Italian and translates to “The mouth of the wolf”, is a family owned pizza restaurant in downtown San Jose.
Pizza Bocca Lupo is a food-court styled restaurant. The customer orders his/her food at the cash register, is given a buzzer, and then picks up their fresh out-of-the-oven pizza at the end of the counter when their buzzer goes off.

A wood-fired oven imported straight from Naples, Italy sits in the right corner of the restaurant. The oven is large, dome shape, covered with tiny copper tiles that glisten in the light.
A glowing flame dances in the middle of the oven, fired by coal and almond wood. This flame reaches up to 900 degrees and cooks every pizza to a crisp perfection.

Pizza Bocca Lupo has existed for a year and a half, and has collected many types of different pizzas on their menu. Yet the classic menu lists only six pizzas: Joe’s special, Margherita, Bradley’s special, Pearzola, Diavola and the Bianca.

According to reviews on yelp, the two best sellers are the Diavola and the Bianca.

After placing an order for these two pizzas, the wait time was surprisingly quick. A total of ten minutes was all that it took for the pizzas to be made and cooked.

The Diavola, which translates to “devil” in Italian, is a pizza with tomato sauce, parmesan, dry mozzarella, salami, roasted red peppers, garlic and a pinch of red chili flakes.

The combination of the roasted red peppers, salami garlic and chili flakes tasted incredible.
The refreshing sweetness of the roasted reds balanced out and prevented a sodium overload from the garlic and salami. A light sprinkle of chili flakes was detected on the pizza, which added a tasty kick to the taste buds without being to spicy and overpowering the flavor of the pizza.

The size of the pizza is around 12” and thin crust. The crust was soft but not too chewy, and cooked to a light golden brown.
The pizzas are large enough to share, but if someone was ravenous they could easily polish off a whole pizza.

Overall the Diavola was a delightful spicy, savory and sweet blend, and made the stomach want more.

The Bianca, which means white in Italian, is a pizza that is pleasing to the eye.

Parmesan and wet mozzarella is the base of the pizza. Olive oil substitutes for tomato sauce.
Fresh arugula lightly tossed in balsamic arugula is layered on top of the pie as soon as it comes out of the oven. Then prosciutto crudo is sliced as thin as paper and is placed on top of the arugula.

The pie resembles a salad on a pizza. The peppery bite of the arugula paired with the saltiness of the prosciutto crudo and the sweetness of the balsamic-vinaigrette dressing is sensational.

The absence of the sauce is a good call, for sauce would have made the pie too heavy and take away the pizza’s appeal of being light and refreshing.

Having only mozzarella, parmesan and olive oil as the base of the pie is genius, allowing the full-bodied flavors of the arugula, prosciutto crudo and balsamic vinaigrette to stand out, blend and work their magic.

The Bianca is a pie that will not disappoint.

Besides pizzas, Pizza Bocca Lupo also offers side salads and garlic bread to snack on.

The price of all pies is $14.11, excluding the margherita, which is only $9.72. At first the pies might appear to pricy, but after taking the first bite all hesitation to dish out a few bucks will disappear.

Pizza Bocca Lupo is a hidden gem in San Jose, and is a restaurant that should not be overlooked. Under the price of $20, Pizza Bocca Lupo can trick a person to thinking that they’re eating from a humble pizzeria in Italy with they fresh, authentic taste that these thin crust pies bring to one’s mouth.


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