Journalims 21B

Journalism, what is it and how do it affect the way we view the world? Journalism is the combined effort of many individuals bringing news to the people who want to know what’s going on around them. It is choosing news worthy subjects/ topics and being able to stay objective.

Journalism 21B is a great course for any student or aspiring journalist. You learn about the many types of feature writing like columns, opinions, reviews, profiles and many more. The class size is fairly small, but this helps keep the student and teacher interaction steady and engaging.

One aspect of student interaction with each other and the teacher is white board writing. More than a few times students were required to write down a word and its definition. Not only was it writing definitions but also becoming familiar with the AP style handbook and learning of the many different ways to attribute correctly, and how to use particular numbers, address, abbreviations, and titles.

There is one thing that had proven to be a thorn in the side of many students. It was the class syllabus. What was confusing about the syllabus were its due dates for assignments. Assignments weren’t due until the following week, but having to look back and forth between week one and two in order to figure out what was due became a bit confusing.

The class in its entirety is something that every future journalist needs to take and regardless of who the teacher is, pay attention and listen. All the advice given from your peers and teacher will better serve you in the long run. The reading was minimal and what made up for the lack of reading was all the writing.

Overall the class was great and if there was one thing that can be improved. It would be the class syllabus. The need to understand what assignments are due is crucial to learning and retaining any kind of new information you have picked up.

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