Journalism21b overall report

Colin Blake



Journalism 21b with Farideh Dada

            Journalism, this quarter, has been an exercise in focus and commitment. With the some would say shaky start to this quarter, given the verbal spats with the professor, I am glad it has blossomed into a healthy forum for discussion of topics.

On top of having the privilege of being one of the first classes at De Anza Professor Dada teaches our classmates have been exceptional and conversational, whereas many classrooms in the community college level are filling with pseudo cadaver students. I think that is partially because of the environment, in its all inclusiveness, which brings students out of the shadowy dead zones in class to the forefront of debate.

The assignments in this class could be defined as rigorous depending on perspective and ability to follow instructions. Given that regular attendance is recorded and adherence to advice of the professor is practiced, the assignments are engaging and can promote real thought upon issues of concern. Deadlines for all assignments are fair along with varying levels of flexibility given real time changes to the schedule or involvement of unforeseen circumstances.

On a side note, if one has missed a couple of assignments Professor Dada provides a multitude of extra credit assignments near the end of the quarter, allowing for the procurement of vital extra points.

Coming to class is generally a pleasurable experience. Professor Dada has a genuine smile on her face and appears to be in the mood of providing expert tutelage for the focus of journalism. Apa style is her, and the departments, standard writing form and strict commitment upon the principles therein, are of paramount importance for journalism21b.

When it comes to improvements for the class, there could be a few. I think that some of topics could be a little more debatable. For example, when given the opportunity to free write a feature story for extra credit, I chose gun control, which I think, is an issue of extraordinary importance. Topics like that would be beneficial for they focus on real issue that are in play within the political battle ground currently, while still following apa guidelines of course.

One other small item I’d like to address is the group work function of this class. Although I praised the atmosphere in the class earlier, I do have reservations about the immobility of people and the largely unchanged tables the entire quarter. However uncomfortable changing groups is, it is nothing in comparison to complacency of human contact in which we do not meet and expand our horizons socially.

All in all this quarter has been fun and advantageous for the betterment of my writing.


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