Movie Review: Argo

The film “Argo” is based on a true story about the Iran hostage crisis in 1979. The movie came out in October of 2012. The movie begins with the invasion of the United States embassy in Tehran, Iran and from there centers on the six people that manage to escape during the invasion. The six are held up in hiding 24/7 as the Iranian revolutionaries are trying to find them and possibly kill them.

This suspenseful flick will keep you guessing as twists and turns in the plot and characters are constantly forming and you wonder who’s on their side. The film has the name “Argo” for the plan to get them out of Iran safely.

The plan is developed by Tony Mendez (played by Ben Affleck) who is a worker for the CIA of the United States. He figures that there may be a way to get the six across the Iranian border if they are presented as something other than American.

So he comes up with a brilliant plan to make a spin-off of the movie Star Wars called Argo and to make it seem like the six Americans are six Canadian filmmakers that are on a scouting trip to find an exotic location to film their movie.

He travels to the Hollywood to find people who will help him make a fake movie. He finds a make-up artist and a film producer and they go to work. Once the movie is established as believable Mendez goes to Iran. The people in hiding are not so positive about his plan but realize that if they fail then his life is also on the line so the go along with it .

As the plot develops, people around them are starting to change. Tensions build as their identities and lives are uncertain. The six people are obviously unsure and nervous, the CIA is becoming edgy, all the while Mendez is trying to provide them with new identities and information to make sure that his plan works out well.

When it finally comes time to put the plan into action; can they? There are factors all around them. A housekeeper who may know their secret, a suspicious police force, and a rebellious revolutionary group that are waiting to tear them apart. Directed by Ben Affleck and produced by Grant Heslov, Ben Affleck and George Clooney.


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