Newspaper Critique: On time online

I write for a weekly school newspaper but when I need to get my local news, I go online. is an excellent source because you get up to the minute news.

I was looking at this one article and it was posted just two minutes before I started reading it. That is what I call news. They have five main pages called news, sports, entertainment, lifestyles, and images of the day. All the pieces that first come up for these five pages are all current, like within the last week or two.

However, once you go further into the categories and you start to get into older news. Some were last year’s news. Personally, I think that if you’re going to keep old news on your website then you should put it all in an archives page or something of that sort.

In my opinion you should not mix old news with new news. For people that are not as well informed about things going on in the world, this could confuse someone. Plus, why would I want to read about something that happened a year ago in the news. Even if it was groundbreaking news then, I doubt that it still is.

The fact is, people want to know about what is happening around them now. For example, when someone wants to know what the weather is going to be like tomorrow, you don’t pull up last year’s weather charts and tell them it’s going to rain because it did last year.

And, for those of you who think this isn’t a fair comparison, let me tell you this: On the news drop-down box there’s a category called storify, in storify there’s a piece called “Oh snap! Facebook buying Instagram. This was posted on on April 9 of 2012. That’s almost a year ago and it’s a story about Facebook buying Instagram and peoples reaction to it.

Who cares about this anymore? That is old news just like no one cares that it rained this time last year. For the most part, I really enjoy getting my news from this site but please, let the old news go.


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