Originality is Gone

“Oz: The Great and Powerful,” is a great visual piece of art and mildly entertaining. The premise of the movie is a young man hoping to make it big as a magician, but is unexpectedly carried away by a tornado in a hot air balloon. This tornado transports him to a new world filled with eye candy like beautiful colors and creatures. The overall world of Oz is breath taking, in the sense that it has life force behind it.

Although, the movie makes use of today’s technology, it is nothing original and nor does it contain anything we have not seen in movies before. A few references here and there are noticed throughout the film. It may be lacking in originality, but it does serve the purpose by trying to fill in gaps of the Oz Story.

Seeing the Emerald city on a big screen was wonderful and the rolling hills just added to the beautiful scene. James Franco, a very talented actor, plays a wonderful part as the magician who gets swept away in to the enchanted world of Oz. Franco’s performance on screen is complimented by Mila Kunis, another movie star that had a role in the film as one of the three witches. Actress Michelle Williams and Rachel Weisz both played as witches contributed nicely to the story.

Unfortunately, there was really no character progression throughout the movie. The need to show a character’s weakness and see them change throughout trials and tribulations is what helps build a character for the audience to admire. Moreover, this movie is not really meant to be the starting point to the Oz series, and that would explain the lack of character development or back story.

All in all, the movie will be great as part of a collection, but to consider it a prequel of any sort is not doing it justice. It is a great stepping stone towards a better, more story driven film and character building that will help resonate better with the older generation that still enjoy the classic “Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz”.


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