Oz The Great and Powerful

Kyle Bachan

Jour 21B



Oz: The Great and Powerful


If you like cheesy acting and dry humor, follow the yellow brick road and watch Oz: The Great and Powerful.


This movie directed by Sam Raimi shows Oscar Diggs’s (James Franco) journey to becoming the great and powerful Oz. He is shown as an egocentric traveling magician with a decently entertaining act. Using made up stories about his grandmother, Oz tries to reach out to the hearts of the young women who he finds at his shows. Upon being confronted about his dishonorable actions, Oz runs out onto a hot air balloon and is swept into a tornado and thrown into the land of Oz.


This movie sports visually stunning computer generated imagery, some of which you might think was inspired from the newer Willy Wonka movie, as well as the newer Alice in Wonderland. The team in charge of animation does a remarkable job incorporating 3D imagery into each of the scenes creating the pop and wow factor for the audience. Sometimes you might even feel like ducking down to make sure the object doesn’t hit you too! Although the movie did cost extra in 3D, $3.50 more to be exact, it was well worth it.


If you are a fan of dry humor, this is a movie for you. Oz: The Great and Powerful is packed full of corny comedy and will have you and your company giggling throughout the enitre movie. China girl and her teenage spunk, and Finley with his Finley-ness bring the adorable cuteness which young ones will enjoy.


Although we have seen the cast in other movies, it seems as if the director purposely wanted a slight corniness to the film. We have seen these actors/actresses in movies with much more serious acting, but in this film it seems less fluid and more like a live screen play. Although it does seem this way, this adds to the movie’s style and in it’s own way will keep you entertained.


Overall, Oz: The Great and Powerful is a blast to watch with its stunning 3D effects, and comedic dialogue. You will find yourself liking each of the characters, as well as the plots that unfold ahead of them in this great go see movie.


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