Propaganda techniques

Ads that usually catch my attention are for beer, so I located a Budweiser advertisement. This ad uses two propaganda techniques; the use of “beautiful people” and “euphoria”.  The propaganda concept of using beautiful people to promote a product is pretty self explanatory. In the advertisement I selected for Budweiser beer, it shows a macho, manly man with a hammer in his hand and an attractive blonde woman pouring him a frosty drink into a glass. Both the people in this ad are attractive people who are dressed nicely. The next propaganda technique of euphoria is also used. Euphoria is the use of an event depiction that causes happiness. In this beer ad, the viewer gets the impression that the man has been busy working on something, but then he finally gets to have a glass of beer from his companion. It is the euphoria of having a beer after a long day’s work. Here’s the ad link:

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