Restaurant Review: Bonchon chicken

Bonchin chicken is a restaurant that originated in Busan, Korea. Bonchon is a Korean word that means “Orignal Village”. Bonchon’s website states “Just as people yearn for their hometown, we hope that our customers will seek our amazingly crispy, juicy, and flavorful chicken wherever they are.” I’m not sure about that analogy, but I’m sure about the flavors.

The first thing I noticed when I walked into the restaurant was the sweet smell of their chicken cooking. My husband and I were seated immediately. This was probably because the restaurant was half empty. I didn’t really think about that though, as our waitress/server was very attentive and pleasant.

There were probably about four different tvs going and music playing in the background so the wait for our food wasn’t that noticeable. Looking around I noticed all different types of people enjoying themselves. I would say this restaurant would e ideal for any occasion, from first date to family dinner.

This place can also be summed up in one word: simple. Simple décor, simple staff uniform, jeans and a black t-shirt, and simple menu. If you order the small, medium or large chicken order like I did, you get two choices of flavors of the chicken; soy garlic or spicy hot garlic.

We chose to do half and half. Also, with our large order, that includes about 20 pieces of white meat chicken, we get two large sides. We chose kimchi coleslaw and biscuits. Now, I’ve called this restaurant simple; the food is a whole other story.

They brought our food out on a large white platter and set it down between us. The smell and the color hit you at once since they’re equally as vibrant. The smell is sweet and spicy and of the chicken are amber-orange-brown from the sauces and the dipping sauces, the one for the spicy chicken, a spicy mayo, and the other for the soy, a sweet chili sauce. The sweet chili had a harmony of reds and oranges while the other was creamy orangish pink.

They taste even better than they look. The sweet chili on the soy garlic chicken dances on your taste buds and makes you mouth water. The other makes you want water. “Spicy hot” is an appropriate phrase for these blazing chicken strips.

As a fan of spicy food I appreciated them and enjoyed them. However, for anyone who is not used to eating spicy food may not be up for these make-your-nose-run-hot chicken pieces. I can’t complain though. The meal is just as satisfying as the price. 20 pieces of chicken for about 20 dollars; that sounds fine to me. Though this place may appear simple, the flavor is where it’s at. I will be back for more.


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