The K-Pop Stop (extra credit restaurant review)

Kyle Bachan




The K-Pop Stop


On the intersection of Fremont Blvd. and Decoto Rd.,  a sushi place went under a new owner, and K-Pop was found.


K-Pop is a Korean fusion restaurant/bar. Its a small place with a clean inside. I believe it actually used to be a house before many years ago, there’s still a fireplace inside. The location is not the best, it is right next to a 7 Eleven gas station, and the parking lot can hold about seven cars. Besides having a small lot, it is very easy to drive pass the entrance, it actually doesn’t even seem like an entrance at all, its just a small driveway on the side of the building that leads to the back.


At first impression I did not want to go there, I’ve been to this place once before with the old owners, and it was no delight at all. This time around we found something different. We pulled around the back and the owner was outside smoking a cigarette, no complaints, shows character. He swiftly threw it away and welcomed us in. The restaurant was completely empty and we were the only customers so he let us sit where we pleased, which was nice of course, and his service was friendly.


We actually went there to grab few drinks, which they had a minimal selection of. We drank a few beers and decided to look through the menu. This is where is got interesting. We ordered a style of Gangnam Style, as well as Troublemaker Style. Just because of the name we decided to order it, their naming techniques definitely worked on us.


At first when he served the food, it seemed plain. These “styles” were basically a Korean fusion style of carne asada fries. Fries with some kind of topping. At first it looked like it was just a plate of fries with barely any toppings, but it turned out it was in the middle, and both dishes were delicious and something new. The Gangnam Style was a little more flavorful but the Troublemaker Style took the win with its adequate spiciness.


Although the restaurant was empty, we did find a good sense of entertainment. He gave us a binder full of updated karaoke music which he put in a playlist as soon as we were able to choose some songs. The funny thing was, we didn’t even sing most of them. We sat and listened to the beat, ate and conversated. And then it happened, the owner picked up the mic and started rapping 50 Cent’s P.I.M.P. song like he wrote it himself, it was awesome. This man had balls, and he showed them. It was very entertaining and he did it because he knew it would make us laugh and have fun.


Overall, although the place wasn’t exactly lively, K-Pop was very enjoyable and I can definitely find myself going back sometime soon. The prices were not burning holes in wallets, and the food was definitely different, in a delicious way.



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