Photo Shopped

What do you think when you see a beautiful model on television? Do you think I am so large and imperfect compared to that person I am so ugly? Or do you think wow they must have done alot of editing to that model? Your answer should be the second if you consider yourself media literate. I considered myself media literate before taking the course, but even more so now. For example my biggest learning experience was the way the radio shaped media. I was never aware of what a big impact the radio had on advertising and the television. Learning about the banning of books was not something I was unfamiliar with but I was unaware of just how many books have been banned over time. The most astonishing part is that I have read the majority of them unaware of how privileged I was and how many people must have fought for me to read them. Reading magazines I never knew that they had a higher expectancy of accuracy than the newspaper. I would expect the newspaper to have the same amount if not more. The newspaper is what shapes a lot of people views of national and global issues.

This class really opened my eyes but more through class discussions than the book itself. I found it very interesting and helpful to listen to everyones opinion and experiences. Most of all having an instructor who not only is in the field, but was in one with restrictions taught me a lot. The most interesting and enlightening part of the whole class was learning what it is like to live in a country where your media use is monitored and regulated. I cannot imagine being a journalist and having to take the risks just to publish an article. I hope to continue studying media across the world rather than just in the United States.


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