Exercise 4.4

Lies are a very common aspect of human communication, while most people don’t approve of lying, many agree that the occasional white lie is a necessary evil at times.

In a recent Associated Press-Ipsos poll on lying, more than half of the people who were surveyed said lying was never justified, while up to two-thirds said in the same poll that it was OK to lie in certain situations, like protecting someones feelings.

A third of the participants said that it was occasionally OK to lie about being sick to skip work. Very few would admit that they thought that it was OK to lie on a Resume, cheat on taxes or lie about an extramarital affail.

White lies are apparently considered an acceptable and even sometimes necessary, part of life, although the idea of lying is not appealing.

Similar sentiments were expressed by De Anza college students who weighed in on lying.

“Everybody does it,” corrections and probations major Corina Arellane said. “In some cases, yes (it is acceptable) depending on the circumstances.”

18th German philosopher Immanuel Kant known for believing that all lies, even ones that could save lives, are bad, a viewpoint shared by 52 percent of participants in the AP-Ipsos poll.

Public relations major Krystal Alvarado and communications major Angel Johnson would have been amongst the 52 percent who oppose all forms of lying had they been polled.

“I don’t think it’s right, although it may be easier, it’s never good,” Johnson said, “The truth will always come out.”

four in 10 people claimed that they’d never had lie or cheat. One in 10 said that they may have lied in the past week.

Many people are willing to admit that lying is common, but have a hard time admitting that they lie on occasion.

De Anza journalism major Marion Hohfeld claims that everyone lies, but “I’m usually honest.

There are some who feel that there is nothing wrong with lying because it is part of the human condition. De Anza student and aerospace engineering major Michael Rennie does not have any aversion to lying.

“Of course it (lying) is (acceptable),” Rennie said, “If you say no, then you’re stupid.”


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