Santa Clara residents feel effects of 1957 opt-out

“It sucks,” Kirsten Barta complains, “to have to get in my car and drive to the city because I cannot take public transit to get to my destination.”

Barta recalls the day she got her driver’s license, a “rite of passage” at age 16. Despite possessing a license, she said she took a train and a bus to have fun with friends in Berkeley.

Remembering BART undergoing construction, Barta expressed disappointment in Santa Clara County’s refusal to participate, a decision she said continues to hurt Santa Clara long term.

Barta said she drives around South Bay but uses the BART-Caltrain transfer in Milbrae to visit San Francisco, and the irregular service of Caltrain and VTA are not comparable.

“If I miss the 9 o’clock train I have to wait an hour for the next train.”

Barta hopes to see Caltrain offer high speed rail service along the peninsula. “It’s amazing in this area that we don’t have better public transit given all the high tech business that we have here.”


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