Ex. 4.3

Beatriz, a communications major at De Anza College has made a name for herself as a successful club promoter in the Bay Area, becoming a profitable promoter while making connections among club owners and co-workers.

Beatriz wants to go to San Francisco State University or California State University, Fullerton next fall to continue her communications degree. At one point, she was a business major but realized that her skills and passions; like meeting new people, having interesting conversations and technology moved her towards a communications degree.

Evident by her success as a club promoter she loves being on her feet, conversing with new people and establishing relationships with professionals. “I really just couldn’t see myself sitting at a desk all day, I love being active and social” said Beatriz.

“My dream would be to work for the Samsung Corporation as a full time promoter for their products”.

While highly fascinated by technology and its future she sees herself more on the product promotion side of things. Attending conventions, traveling, putting together presentations for distributors and getting exclusive access to new technology are her driving factors for picking Samsung as a dream job.

Beatriz also is apart of an emerging community known as vaping or E-cigarettes. This new trend has become widely popular among college students, especially at De Anza. “I started smoking cigarettes in college, then E-cigarettes came along and it allowed me to breakaway from a traditional cigarette.” Beatriz said about vaping.

However, this has been a controversial subject at De Anza inciting new proposals to ban E-cigarettes to only smoking-areas. People caught outside of smoking-areas are looking at fines of 50 to 70 dollars.

“The whole reason I started smoking E-cigarettes was to quit actual cigarettes,” Beatriz explained. “By forcing us to vape with regular smokers defeats the purpose of people trying to quit”

Nonetheless, Beatriz continues to study hard for her transfer next year while also gaining more work experience as a club promoter. With such a busy schedule one may think, what can’t Beatriz do?


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