Ex. 4.4

Lance Petit

4.4 Reaction/Multi-interview Story

Truthfulness is something that we are faced with on daily basis with differing degrees of importance. While some people believe lying is never ok no matter how small, others say there is room for small, white lies.

“Lying is never justifiable, but it can be reasonable,” said Joshua Boguiren, Web Editor at La Voz Weekly.

Boguiren takes a rational approach to lying, using probability and different variables for situations where he finds himself faced with truthfulness.

“People lie for different reasons, mostly to protect themselves or someone else, “ said Boguiren

“If the probability of me getting away with something is high, depending on the situation, my choice to lie increases”

Kristen Barta looks at lying a bit differently than Boguiren, but concluded that lying is situational and is ok if it is a very small lie or to protect someone.

“If person A cheats on person B but person A knows it was wrong and a mistake, never to do it again, why tell person B?” said Barta.

“All your doing is hurting someone when it wasn’t necessary”

Barta doesn’t lie often but sometimes finds herself in situations where altering the truth allows for lives to run smoothly.

“Creative excuses and embellishing the truth are what I like to call my untruthful moments, especially when it comes to personal topics and I don’t want to reveal much,” Barta said on the topic of lying in our daily lives.

Public officials and positions of authority are jobs that are in the spotlight and constantly scrutinized. Should we hold these people to higher standards than ourselves in the case of lying? Or are they regular people just like us that should be treated the same.

Boguiren isn’t sold on a black and white answer when it comes to public officials and lying. Because, like in our regular life, there are different degrees of lying and situational events that cause someone to be untruthful.

“If a public official is caught lying about relationships he is having with someone other than their spouse then punishments should be minor,” Boguiren said

“However, if a public official is caught for stealing, corruption and extortion and lies about it, the penalties should be severe”

No matter how someone feels about lying, there is no doubt it is a problem presented to us on a daily basis. All a person can do is make a choice.


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