Exercise 4-3

Jeff Facun


Farideh Dada


4-3 Interview Story

The Person Behind the Glasses

Imaging being in college for so many years and getting degrees left and right, but yet you have not accomplished what you want.

Adam Conston, 23, is one person who has been at De Anza College for those many years but has many goals to accomplish before he graduates and transfers to a college of his interests.

“I’m kind of tired of it,” said Conston in reference to being at De Anza College for the last five years.

Although his tenure here is longer than he wanted it to be, the benefits of staying here out-shines the stress he has endured over the years.

Coston is majoring or has majored in 4 areas: liberal arts, professional photography, photographic arts and journalism.

He is currently a few classes away from achieving his fourth major as a student and this person with the glasses is achieving a great feat that only few can reach.

Coston is the person behind those glasses.


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