Exercise 4.3 – Bryan Altier

Bryan Altier’s disinterest in school during his formative years led him to football in 2007, and five years later, he and his team came in first at the 2012 Football Conference Championship in Northern California.

Altier who is now a third year student in De Anza College says, “It was in football where I came to find passion. It taught me discipline, determination and teamwork.”

His achievement and passion in football has spurred him to venture into journalism, inspired by an English professor who showed him that his passion is not confined to a single outlook.

Bracing his voice in a news writing class filled with a hive of interviewing activity he says, “I’m going to be a football correspondent.”

When asked about his travel plans in the future, his answer came predictably, “Australia, that’s where football is.”


About Zhiwei

I believe in an understanding of the past for the future. I believe in knowledge. I believe in living a well- informed life; chasing a well-informed happiness. I see the vitality in life but not without believing in reflections.

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