Exercise 4.4

Several De Anza Students said that lying is OK, depending on the situation.

In interviews conducted at De Anza College, two out of five students said that lying was not a good thing to do.

In a new Associatedd Press-Ipsos poll, over half of respondents said lying was never justified.

Similarly, Preston Tulloch had some comments about those results.”Lying is negative most of the time. I can’t remember when I lied,” Tulloch said.

Some students have different opinions.

Yet the same poll, up to two-thirds said it was OK to lie in certain situations, like protecting someone’s feelings.

Coincidentally,Vincent Narvaez had the same opinion as the majority of the respondents of the poll. Narvaez said it is sometimes necessary to lie to not hurt someone’s feelings.

To go along with the controversy, Radha Bhemu said it is fine to lie as long as you are saving someone. What she meant by “saving someone” is to save someone’s life. If you are being held at gunpoint because you picked on the attacker’s little sister, it is ok to say that you didn’t bully his little sister.

Another fine example was provided by Linh Ngo. “Lying should be used in wise situations. A doctor should lie to patients and tell them they are not going to die, when in reality they are,” Ngo said.

A third of the respondents of the poll said it was OK to lie about being sick to take a day off work. Very few would admit to thinking it was OK to lie on a resume, cheat on taxes or to lie to a spouse about an extramarital affair.

Nearly two-thirds of those respondents said it was sometimes OK to lie to avoid hurting someone’s feelings, even though 52 percent said lying overall was never justified.

Among those 52 percent, if he’d been alive and reachable, would have been the 18th century German philosopher Immanuel Kant, who believed all lying was bad – every single lie, every one that could save someone’s life.


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