JOUR21A Ex4.3

Andrea Rivera, De Anza student, is a outgoing person and has positive attitude and great passion for life.

Andrea was born in California and is 19-year-old now. Her family came from central America and Spanish is her first language while English is the second.

She is a part time student and she works for Chase Bank and Levis.

As she is a social, communicative, and interactive person, she chooses Public Relationship as her major. She rather to contribute ideas in a group than being a leader.

She is passionate for Cuban Food. She also loves all kinds of music and her favorite type is Rock Music. She loves a band called ‘’Fall Out Boy.’’

Her most memorable traveling experience was in this summer. She went to Las Vegas with her 15 family members. The highlight of the trip was they went to attend an electronic music concert.

If there is no money limitation, she wants to visit Spain and Greece. The reasons are because she can speak Spanish in Spain and she thinks Greece is beautiful.

She has a good relationship with family. She loves family and friends.

Her dream is to have a successful career and a family of her own, and eventually moved to Spain. She loves life.


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