JOUR21A Ex4.4

Five different reactions toward lying through interviewing De Anza students.

‘’I think lying is fine sometimes,’’ said Echo Guo, an interviewee, majoring in Film Production. ‘’Sometimes telling the truth hurts people’s feeling, so lying in certain situation is acceptable.’’

‘’I lied to my friend when they asked me if I stayed up late because I did not want them to worry about me,’’ Echo Guo said.

Echo accepts lying when it is done with good intentions, but it becomes unacceptable if lying means betraying friends. Echo does not like people who are two faced.

Veneta Lin, an interviewee, majoring in Journalism Public Relation, said that, ‘’Lying is a sin and it is human weakness.”

“Back to younger days, I remembered once I did not do well on a test and did not dare to tell my mom, so I made a new grade sheet and showed it to her,’’ Veneta Lin said.

Now Veneta thinks lying is unacceptable, even if it is to achieve something good. She can not accept her boyfriend tells the lie.

‘’I think lying is incorrect, but white lies are acceptable,’’ Alpha Yao said, an interviewee, majoring in Accounting. ‘’White lies are acceptable for me, but I still do not like it.’’

“Everyday people could be lying because when they ask ‘How are you?’ they actually may not really want to know the honest answer. And the funny thing is people often lie to when they answer back.” Alpha Yao said.  Lying in a relationship is unacceptable for her.

Lynn Kao, an interviewee, majoring in Communication Studies, said that, ‘’Lying is wrong and I can not accept it.’’

‘’I am guilty of lying at times and I try not to lie. Sometimes I do not care for certain people in my heart, but I act like I care about them,’’ Lynn Kao said.

When she faces God, she sees her own weakness in this area and tries to overcome it.

Zee Wang, an interviewee, majoring in Advertising, said that, ‘’Lying is a normal thing because sometimes people just want to make others feel better. Whether lying is acceptable depends on why people do it and what is involved.  If the lies hurt me, I get angry.’’

Zee frequently lies to her mom in order to make her mom worry less. ‘’The part about lying that I can not accept is if my friend betrays me, especially my boyfriend.  The situation usually gets worse when I know the truth in advance, but he still chooses to lie to me.’’

Based on the original story, Associated Press-Ipsos poll released the statistics indicating that about two-thirds of the people surveyed said it was OK to lie in specific situations, such as protecting other people’s feeling. Their finding is similar to the result of my own interview.

Among five interviewees, four said that it was OK to tell white lies although it is better not to. The unacceptable kind of lying for all five of them is betrayal because that hurts people deeply.


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