Is Stress Taking Over Students

Stress is something teenagers deal with on a regular basis. On Nov. 19, a survey was taken at De Anza College where 10 random students where asked about the things that stresses them out.

Most of the things that the students stressed over are things like: getting a high grade point average, their jobs, and relationships.  Students have a lot of things on their plate and it is never noticed.

Colton Delaney 19, is a film major, and is taking 21 units this quarter and is just focused on school, so he can transfer by next year.

“School is my top priority, and keeping my grades high is very important because I want to go to a top university like UC San Diego or UC Los Angeles,” Delaney said.

For some students work is just as important to them because they either have bills to pay or support their family.

“Between school and work, life is very hard. I’m in school for the beginning of the day, but after that I work for the rest of the day, and I barely have time to rest,” Jael Cruz said

Cruz 19, a business major, says that balancing work with school is very difficult and stressful.

In this stage in age, these students are living through the hardest part of their lives. Everything in their life is important, especially school. This is the time where students over work themselves, so that they can go to a four-year-university.

Lizette Munoz 20, is a biology major, and with a tough major she has no time to slack off.

“All I do is school work, nothing else! Getting to a university is my top priority right now and nothing is getting in my way from achieving my goal,” Munoz said.

While some students stress over school and work, some students stress over their relationships like Victoria Lopez 19.

“My relationship is very complicated, but it is very important to me, that is why I try my hardest to keep my boyfriend satisfied,” Lopez said.

Stress has a lot of side effects! Some of the main side effects are fatigue, irritability or anger, and overeating or under-eating.

“Since midterms have started and finals being three weeks away, and when it gets to this time of the quarter, I’m always stressed out and I feel more tired than usual,” Brandon Retlewski said.

Retlewski 20, is another business major, and he always finds himself stressing out around this time because finals and midterms can make or break your grade.

School, work, and relationships are huge stress contributors to college students.

Nazaneen Ganji 18, is a business major that deals with all three of these factors, and is severely stressed out.

“Between school, work, and a relationship, things get really stressfull, but I know it will pay off in the end,” Ganji said.


2 responses to “Is Stress Taking Over Students”

  1. drearivera says :

    I think this is a very interesting topic and I can relate very closely to this as well. I like the quotes used in this bog as well. The use of transitions are very well put together. Nice work!


  2. brianho56 says :

    This is a very interesting topic because all of these students I can easily relate to. I went to San Diego State University prior going to De Anza and I can say students here at De Anza are very hard working and strives to transfer out of De Anza. I think it is all about prioritizing things in life and put the important things out there first. I look forward to reading more topics like this.


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