Autobiography: week #1

Jim Lunde

I was born on August 3, 1972 to James and Cotton Lunde in Stanford Hospital Palo Alto CA.I have two older sisters, Kay and Robin (Robin died of Cancer in 2010) and an older brother Tom.

My first home was in the Seven Trees neighborhood in San Jose. On a hill where Valley Christian High is located. My family lived there for one year.

My family moved to a yellow condominium on Shawn Drive in San Jose. We lived there until I was five years old. We moved to Campbell on October 31, 1977.

I attended San Tomas Elementary School in 1977. I met my best friend Matt Siek in Kindergarten. I spent my Kindergarten and First grade here until the school closed in 1980.

I attended Capri Elementary School from 1980-1984. Then I went to Rolling Hills Junior High from 1984-1986. A certain legal action against the school prevented me from graduating the eighth grade.

I attended Westmont HIgh School in 1987. I graduated in June 1990. My father died from a heart attack at 54 years old on November 25. 1990.

My parents love to travel, and I have been to several states including Oregon, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennyslvania, Rhode Island, Nevada and Arizona. I visited Ensenada, Mexico with My cousin, Ben.

I was a docent for the Campbell Historical Museum in 1995-1996. I worked as a county election officer for the Santa Clara County registrar of voters from 1996-2004.

My Grandmother Sarah Kopke died In 1998. She came to live with my mother after my father died

I worked for H&R Block from 1998-1999. On March 25 200, I went to work for Albertsons (now Save mart). I lost my job May14, 2013.

I love swimming, cemeteries, hiking and anime. I am a blue belt in Shokotan Karate.


About 2tfx

I love swimming, hiking cemeteries and anime. I am from California and I write on line for Yahoo voices and Wattpad

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