Blog # 1 Short Autobiography Brian Ho

Throughout my life, I experienced a lot with books, newspapers, magazine, movies, recordings, radio, television and the internet. I am 22 years old and definitely I can say I have progressed a lot with those that was listed above. I remember when I was growing up and the Harry Potter series was first released, it created all sorts of buzz in the media. JK Rowling was all over the news, television, and magazine because of the type of fantasy she created that was able to get kids like me to read it and get drawn into it. The very first time I heard of Harry Potter was in class when I was reading a magazine and Harry Potter was on the front cover.

Out of the eight mass media type that we are going to study in this class, my favorite would be magazines. Magazines are constantly changing each day, from topics, to even editors, that is why ever since I was little I always like picking up a magazine to read. What I liked most about magazines is that are very easy to read because everything is entertaining but also informative too. I was once chose to write an article for San Diego State University but I turned them down because I was taking too many classes to worry about writing an article.

I don’t have a quite of a habit when it comes to newspapers. The last time I picked up a newspaper would be a couple years ago. I don’t really have a dislike or a like for newspaper because I don’t get much of a chance to read one. In my family, my dad is the one who reads the newspaper. Any important event like a presidential race or a war going on, he would collect the front page of it to remember later on in the future.

I don’t really listen to the radio or even do recordings. Those do not really matter to me because I don’t use them much compare to the internet or watching the television. If I had a chance, I would love to be a sports newscaster on television or even a sports blogger for ESPN in the future. My major in college that I am striving for is Communication. I would love to use my degree and find a job in the sports industry.

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