Blog post #1 by Isaac Velasquez

It was not until my senior year in high school that I really started reading the news paper. This was due in part by my AP Government teacher forcing us to read it to stay up to date on news related to government. After that I started to get into the routine of reading the paper weekly. I get most of my local news from the paper now. In a way the newspaper went from something I never bothered paying attention to, to something that is a major news source for me.

I never really got into reading magazines, I think that part of the reason was because the only ones that were readily available were Vogue or People magazines. All the headlines on the cover seemed stupid to me because they were in no way relevant to my life. I know that there are plenty of other magazines that are full of solid stories but my exposure to gossip magazines turned me off from wanting to pick up any other magazine.

Recordings and Radio have been a big part of my use of media. I assume music falls into the category of recordings and its with that assumption that I conclude that recordings have been big in my life. When I want to relax I put on music and just sit down and listen to it. The same goes for any other mood I may be feeling, music can match any emotion. I always have the radio on when I am in my car. It helps to make a long journey less miserable.

I think that it is safe to say that the medium of media that I use is television and internet. Not only do I get news from these places but I also have access to all the entertainment that I want. I use the internet for everything: checking my bank account, watching movies, listening to music, doing homework, etc… the possibilities are endless.


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