Growing up with the Media

 By Caitlyn Nurnberg

Gr owing up in the late 1990’s and 2000’s meant that as I grew, so did the advancements of technology. Because I am an only child, when I was younger, and even now, books were my escape. They were a way to not be lonely when my parents were working. I recall reading certain books and being transported to different worlds. In a way books still do that for me even though I am not reading the same kinds of books I read as a child.

Newspapers on the other hand were not something that I myself would read growing up, or even now really, but I do remember sitting at my grandma’s table as she read the morning paper and told me all the interesting stories. In high school I was Opinion Editor, and then Editor-in-Chief of my school newspaper, so for 3 years newspapers seemed to have dominated my life. After seeing all the hard work and dedication it takes for a newspaper to get to print, I have a newfound respect for them.

Magazines have never held that much interest to me. From middle school to around my freshman year in high school I had a subscription to Seventeen Magazine, but they had a better chance being piled in a corner in my bedroom, than they did of being read.

When I was younger, when I was with my mom we would always watch movies together. Whether it was in the movie theaters, or watching old VHS’s at home, it was a ritual that we had that I will never forget. Now that I am older we don’t get to do that as often, but when we do get the chance it’s like nothing has changed.

I never paid radio too much attention until I started driving, and then it almost became a lifeline for long car rides. Recordings on the other hand have been a lifeline for as long as I can remember wanting to listen to music. Getting my first iPod was a big deal to me because I liked to be able to tune everything out and just listen to music.

Television when I was younger was centered on Nickelodeon and Disney Channel, and now it’s crazy to see a whole new generation of shows on than when I was watching those channels. For the most part now live TV isn’t really a part of my daily schedule, if it isn’t DVR’d I probably don’t watch it.  The Internet plays a part in that because of websites like Netflix and Hulu. If those didn’t exist I would most likely watch more television. As opposed to the early 2000’s the Internet is where everything is done for the most part. From watching television shows to interacting with people, and because I grew up with the Internet being an integral part of technology and the media, It’s hard to say that the Internet made a large impact on me.


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