Jour 2: Media Autobiography by Brian F. Rose

I am a retuning student who has a B.A. in Political Science from San Jose State. I worked on several campaigns in the 80s and 90s and had an indirect relationship with various forms of media. I fell into journalism by accident when I was hired by Victory Lane Magazine as an editors assistant 2011. I was hired because I was both a writer and a photographer. I had no background in the news media. In the past two years I have been bringing myself up to speed at De Anza.

I was exposed to internet in 1994 when I was work on Tom Campbell’s State Senate Race. Tom was an early adapter of the internet. I use the internet for looking up information. Except for the Los Angeles Times I do not us it has a news source. I prefer to gather my information from the print media. I do use to look information such as places, names and dates.
I don not use Twitter and have a account on Facebook that I only use for class work. Other wise I don’t care to use Social Media. Their are no blogs that I am reading.

I use the newspapers for most of my daily information. I read the San Francisco Chronicle , the San Jose Mercury and on Fridays the New York Times. I have done freelance work for La Voz to gain experience in new writing. I have written both news articles and opinion pieces.

I work for Victory Lane and writer a monthly column with photos on Concours d’ Elegance and racing cars. As an editors assistant I assign the stories every month and monitor the articles as they come in. I read a wide variety of magazines such as Time, National Geographic, People and Road & Track. I prefer the print version to the online.

I read three to four books a month mostly non fiction. Again I prefer print to digital. I prefer to find my books at libraries and bookstores. I enjoy the hunt and the surprise of a discovery. And I don’t care to have Amazon or some other source make the selection for me. I hope to publish a book someday.

I watch two three movies a week on the big screen. I do not care to watch a current movie on a dvd. I use older movies as learning source to see what was important in that era. I have seen a wider variety of movies from the twenties today. I have no experience in the movie industry.

I listen to KQED radio and various music stations. Mostly when I am driving. My relationship with the radio is strictly as a listener.

I listen to records on and of. I have a small record collection.

I do not really watch television at this time. When I do it usually a news program. It was a big influence on me when I was a child. I grew up in the sixties. But I stopped watching TV regularly in the 80s. I watch it mostly for news events, parades and inaugurations.

The skills I am learning in the Journalism classes and at work I wish to put to use in a second career. Either directly or indirectly in the media for company like Tesla or another valley company.


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