Lindsey Lopez

I have a love/hate relationship with the media.  I love that there are vast amounts of information readily available to me at any given time.  I love that media has helped to open the minds of people in regard to social problems such as the gender gap, the underclass, racial discrimination, and homosexuality.  I love, love, love books.  They provide an outlet for me to temporarily escape my own problems and focus on some fictional, historical or  present day character.  However, I hate how media is constantly promoting its own agenda, like what type of body one should have.  It not affects the self esteem of individuals, but it affects the way companies manufacture their products.  For example, clothes are getting smaller and smaller.  I’ve maintained the same weight over the past several years and just recently I’ve noticed that I’m having to buy bigger sizes, even though clothing of smaller sizes that I previously purchased still fit me perfectly and in some cases, are too big.

Media is constantly evolving.  I remember when I was younger we used to get several different newspapers daily.  I used to love the newspaper.  The local newspaper was always fun to read.  Being from a small town, there were always stories about people I knew.  In today’s society, newspaper is becoming irrelevant, as there are now ways to access the same information from a computer,PDA or cell phone.

The internet is my second favorite form of media, and easily the one I use the most.  I use it for information and research for my personal,academic and professional benefits.  The internet makes school work much faster and in some cases even cust out going to class entirely.  I do use facebook and instagram and I must admit that sometimes they do prove to be a distraction.  However, they do have their upsides, such as awareness.  I have used social networks to promote fundraisers for people who would otherwise not know about such events.

I listen to the radio most days while I am driving.  For me, the radio is more of a form of entertainmnt than a source of information.  However, I do recognize that most artists use their lyrics to convey their thoughts on subjects.  I love how Macklemore promotes equal rights for homosexuals through his song “Same Love.”  This artist also raises awareness about drug use and how frivilous some people spend their money trying to adhere to the status quo.

Magazines don’t really appeal to me.  I think it’s because the ones we are mostly exposed to are all about sex (Cosmopolitan, Maxim, Playboy) and celebrities (People, Us).  I’m just not interested in the details of their daily lives, or how they achieve the “perfect” body.

I do enjoy movies, but to be honest I find plays more facsinating.  Live theater is so exciting. There are many movies that are made based on books, and I never cease to be excited about watchng a movie version of my favorite books.  I am always disapointed.  I know that movies expose some people to stories that they otherwise wouldn’t know, but I feel like they miss so many key ideas, feelings and the overall experience of books.  It saddens me that in todays society , less and less people are reading books.  Ebooks, digital books and audiobooks are becoming more and more popular.  I understand the benefits of these but I will always prefer a hard copy to a digital one.  Even the smell of books makes me smile.

I have little experience with recordings, unless DVR counts, in which case my experience is still limited since I am not a big T.V. viewer.  I read during my spare time, which I don’t have a lot of.  There are some days when I do watch T.V. and I really enjoy it.  My guilty pleasure is reality T.V.  I know there is nothing “real” about it but it is so entertaining.  It sometimes annoys me how much I enjoy it because I feel like it’s a huge waste of time and in todays world reality television dominates the networks.

I do not want a job in media but I know that the media will inevitably be involved in the rest of my schooling and career.  I am majoring in psychology and will be tranfering to SJSU in the fall. As of right now I am undecided with what I want to do with that degree but I do know that I would love to work with children.  The media has a profound impact on children today, in the way they view themselves and the world around them.  I am sure I will have to deal with body image, aggression, and identity issues because the media portrays a singular image of what is “beautiful”, normal and acceptable.


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