media autobiography

For me, the media has affected my life more than I care to admit.  It influences everything I know from how I vote to even little things like what I wear. Its been like that for me for years and looking back at it now, it’s ridiculous how much it has affected me. For example, toys I bought when I was younger has always been whatever seemed really cool on tv. They’ve rarely been worth the money and they always fell apart withing a few months. But the TV said they were really cool, and every kid was going to have them (some of them literally said this when I was a kid.), so I was suckered in and I bought the toys that I maybe played with once and that was it. But it unfortunately doesn’t stop there. The clothes I wore were based on whatever I saw on TV. It’s a reoccurring theme in my life, TV says it’s cool, therefore, I think it’s cool. Yeah, and I’m ashamed to admit that. It’s pretty awful to say that your life was for a long period of time ruled by a black box that had no life to it what so ever, and yet it owned every last bit of your soul.(I typed sold there on accident at first. I wonder if that means anything.) Moving on, after what happens with TV, I eventually get a laptop, and the power of my life is shifted from black box to thin red electric book that decides to freak me out by saying it has 10% battery life left. And now whatever I see people talking about, I look into, get obsessed with, and freak out over for a couple months, then move on. At least I’m not buying anything, right? (Says the guy who just bought three attack on titan sweatshirts.) So nothing has changed. My life is still controlled by magic called Media.


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