Media Autobiography

The texture of papers with the printed words on, as if they were waiting for people to read and enjoy the magic world made of the beautiful language, books are always my favorite media. Growing up in Taiwan, books helped me throw my harsh school time through bringing me into its fantasy where I no longer needed to worry about my grades or my appearance.

Although I rarely read newspaper now, it used to be an important part of my life. Because I had no spare time to watch news on TV, I could only know what happened in the world through reading newspaper that I bought on my way to school every morning.

Among all the media, internet is the most significant one in both past and present of my life. Internet makes everything cheaper and faster. I mean, who doesn’t (want to) have a smart phone to use internet? Besides using Instagram and Facebook, I watch TV shows and movies online as well.

I have less experience with magazines, recordings and radio because I do not read or use them that often; however, I start listening to radio more frequent since I stop carpooling with friends. I love the classical music channel, KDFC 104.9.

Media is such a big part of people’s life in 21st century, so I set my career goal as being a part of it. To achieve that goal, I will transfer to San Jose State University, majoring in advertising and music this year.


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