Week #1: Media Autobiography

While I have encountered all the various forms of media throughout my life, but some have had a larger influence on my life than others. Today, the internet undoubtedly takes up the most of my time and attention because through it, I am able to access many other forms of media, such as online news, TV show streaming, radio podcasts, and e-books. Today, I not only rely on the internet for entertainment, but also for school work. The internet allows me to obtain news and view TV shows on my own time, unlike when I was growing up. Before the internet, what I had used most often was television. Growing up, television was what I watched everyday for movies, TV shows, music, and occasionally (but rarely) the news. Other forms of media such as newspapers, magazines, the radio were rarely used because they did not cater to my interests. As I grew up, they did gradually become more relative to my interests as I explored and had changing tastes in music, became interested in fashion trends, and kept up to date with the news. However, as I gained a larger variety of interests, I also gained access to the internet, which enabled me to access all the different forms of entertainment and information on one platform and on my own schedule.


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