Week 1: Media Autobiography (By Patricia Nguyen)

My name’s Patty and I’m a communications major. Growing up, I was and still am obsessed with any and all kinds of media.

When I was younger, the newspaper would always arrive right in the morning on my driveway. On Sundays, I loved to look through the Sunday ads in case there were any good deals. There’d be scholastic book fairs all the time in elementary school where they sell all sorts of books and educational knick knacks. I would just itch at the chance to run over to flip through all the pages, skimming at the pictures as they whizzed by.

Movies are a secret love of mine. It’s so easy to immerse yourself into a whole new world and understand the situations the characters are going through. I find it as a great learning tool to explore what other personalities, events, thoughts that are going through other’s minds.

With radio and magazines, I’ve had a minor difficulty getting to them. It was hard for me at first to understand how the radio worked and why I could never really find the station that I liked. The dials were a bit fussy. And with magazines, my parents didn’t really want my siblings and I to have a monthly subscription for a book with fancy pictures. They didn’t enjoy the idea of paying each and every month.

The best part of my life though.. was when I was in 4th grade and I received my very first laptop. It was an old Windows 95 IBM Thinkpad from my mom. It didn’t have internet, but the best thing was that it had a recorder. There, my siblings and I would record all sorts of things whether it be a funny quote from a movie or a fun song that we wanted to remember. Then came Windows 98 and Windows 2000 which was where I started to take on the internet. I would sign up for email addresses and in my fifth grade class at the time an assignment was to sign up for a penpal email address and to start conversing with someone that the site set up for you. Other fifth graders reading and writing back to you. How awesome was that? The coolest thing at the time was to chat with all your friends on AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) which is where I found my love for communication.

Talking through messenger made me realize that there was a lot of power to spread knowledge or information in a quick way. It made me sort of crave all sorts of ways to try to reach people with information. I’m a communications major because I know media is a huge tool that can impact the whole world and I want to be able to help the world realize what’s going on by making smart and informed decisions.

I currently have an internship with a large company that makes portable hard drives. Just recently, I’ve helped mock up and create their website. Once I finished and looked at the final product, I thought, “wow, people will come to this site and will be able to buy these hard drives because I made put them on there for the world to see.” What an impact that has on a person. With all eight types of media, I personally can’t find fault in them. I enjoy every aspect that they bring to the table because they’re all unique and they just help people understand the messages that other people are trying to convey to them.


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