Blog post #2

Isaac Velasquez

In middle school I read a book called The Circuit, it is the autobiography of a Mexican author named Francisco Jimenez. Through this book I was able to see what life was like for migrant farm workers. It really stuck with me because his story was powerful, through all of his struggles and through all the injustice and racism that he went through he persevered and became a successful writer.

Another book that I read that really stuck with me was Go Ask Alice by Anonymous. The reason why this story stuck with me was because in this book we got to see the effects that drugs and severe trauma can have on a person. Alice started as a normal girl but after one fateful night her life completely spiraled out of control.

A third book that I have read that really impressed me and that I really enjoyed was Night by Eli Weisel. His personal account of life in the concentration camps was truly breathtaking. This was a sad but very well written story that just shows the struggle that the victims of the holocaust had to endure.


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