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Jim Lunde
Sarah Pekkanen was born in New York City and grew up In Bethesda MD. Her father is John Pekkanen, A former writer for Life, The Washingtonian and Readers Digest, He wrote Victims, about rape and My father, my Son. The book is about Admiral Zumwalt and his son, a victim of Agent Orange during the Vietnam War.Sarah is married to Glen Reynolds and they have Three Sons. They reside in Chevy Chase MD. Sarah worked for the Baltimore Sun. She has written three books. These Girls (2012) Skipping A Beat (20911) and The Opposite of me(2010). Sarah is my cousin, Her father is my uncle.

Both of my relatives are full time authors. My favorite authors are Jack London the Writer of The Call Of The Wild, and The Sea Wolf. He buried in Glen Ellen, CA. And Charles Dickens, the writer of Oliver Twist the story of an orphan boy. A Christmas Carol the story of Scrooge. And A Tale of Two Cities about the French Revolution.

There are only about 100-200 full time authors in thje United States. Two types of Authors are Celebrity authors ( Robert Gates, former Secretary of Defense has a book out recently about President Obama). and established writers.


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