Media Impact

Brian Ho


A really good example that I can think of when people blame media for their problems is people blame media for their eating disorder. Many young teens and young adults tend to idolize celebrities they see on TV because the media portrays them as being perfect and being skinny is the look to have. There is too much pressure in society to look good these days and everyone wants to look like a celebrity. Many magazines tend to show celebrities as being healthy and hot but truthfully they are too skinny. By them being skinny, that forces young teens and adults to try to be skinny and that would cause them to have an eating disorder due to the lack of nutrients and food they consume. The media labels an ideal women is to be skinny and people feel like in order to fit into society, they would have to be fit too. I think it is tragic how the media brainwashes many to be skinny and not think to themselves that they are beautiful in their own way. Many people just need to get the mind set that no matter how you look, you do not need to compare yourself to a celebrity in order to make yourself feel happy.


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