Week 2 : Media Impact

By: Brenda Romero

Many people blame the raise of social networks with the raise in suicides. Personally I feel that social networking sites don’t cause suicides but they do make it easier for cyber bullying. It easier and safer for someone to be mean and nasty behind a screen than to tell you in flesh and blood. Even though I do think that social networks like Ask.fm, Facebook, or Instagram have made it easier for people to be cyber bullied , I do not think that these networks are the ones to blame. In my opinion it is easier now to get away from a cyber bully you can easily report them or put your account on private. The biggest solution is to just get off the website and lay low for awhile.

In the Jessica Laney’s case her parents blamed social media for her suicide but investigators found out that she already had tried to kill herself before. My take on this is in some cases you cannot solely blame media , you have to take in account the stability of the person being bullied. Some can ignore it and others just can’t.

Here is the link for the news story on Jessica Laney case.



2 responses to “Week 2 : Media Impact”

  1. laizamillan90 says :

    “It easier and safer for someone to be mean and nasty behind a screen than to tell you in flesh and blood” I definitely agree with that one. I think the reason why social media is blamed because the bullies are hiding behind it, targeting the victim.

    Yes, the victim should have just logged off or blocked them, but as human beings, aren’t we naturally curious of what people are thinking of us? Sometimes, when we are teens, we can’t help but think ‘I want to know what they’re thinking about me’, and just logs back in seeing all those hurtful comments and such.

    But I agree, we shouldn’t blame social media, but the person creating the bullying.


  2. brianho56 says :

    Yeah I agree that we shouldn’t blame social media because it is all about a person’s judgement if they want to bully people or not.


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