Week 2: Media Impact or Books

By Patricia Nguyen

There have been 2 books that I’ve read last year that have severely impacted my life. The first book that I’ve read is called The Adventures of Johnny Bunko by Daniel H. Pink which is a short story comic based on a young man who’s trying to find his way through life. It starts off by him explaining that he’s followed the traditional path of following his parent’s wishes and attending a great university to get an economics degree. As a result, he lands himself a stable job which he hates. Basically this comic has helped me through life because it’s a guidebook on how to create a life that you’re happy with. A life that you made for yourself and a path that you were forced to take by your parents.

The next book that’s been extremely influential is called The Element by Ken Robinson. The funny thing is both of these books were required readings from a humanities class. The Element is a really special book that explains that everyone has an unique talent or ability that shouldn’t be molded by society. It seems as though society tries to nip creativity in the bud by calling others weird or out of the ordinary. When in reality, the people who have made an impact in this world were those who were out of the ordinary. This book uses real life people who have been told by the world that the things they do are irrelevant to having a successful lifestyle but all it took was one person or something to believe in them and it made them successful. For example, there was a girl who lived in Greece that once saw a pamphlet of Cambridge University. Eventually, Cambridge University became her dream school but many people told her that there was no way she could ever attend such a prestigious school. However, her mom believed in her and they both worked very hard to see how she could qualify to get in. This young woman who is now an alum of Cambridge is the founder of the Huffington Post. Within this book, there are many of these stories where people have this slight bit of hope and a little bit of luck and they get to live an extremely happy life.

The Element by Ken Robinson:

The Adventures of Johnny Bunko by Daniel H. Pink


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