Week 2

Own Up To Your Mistakes

People have always been blaming the media for their poor judgement and actions, for example the book described how people blame Grand Theft Auto regarding their poor choices, and this is not the first time something like this has happen. One of the biggest occurrences has been when people blame music for their actions and judgements.

When rock music first came out, people saw it as “The Devil’s Music” and felt that it was clouding the judgements of the youth. Since the idea of clouded judgement was already in the air because of the media, teenagers would see this as a scapegoat when they would get caught stealing, fighting, and trying drugs. Music has been one of the biggest scapegoat’s that the media has advertised. Even now, people blame music for the foul language they hear from people’s mouth’s.

Marilyn Manson was blamed for a large number of event’s because of his image and the music he wrote. Parent’s felt that he was portraying a poor image for the youth to follow, and that it was his fault for their poor upbringing. This is something that is commonly seen and is rather sad knowing that even parents are always looking for scapegoat to blame. Rolling Stone Culture has articles in which people went as far as to blame Manson for the Columbine incident where teenager’s at a high school shot down and killed several students and teachers, simply because the killers would listen to his music.

People are always look for people to blame for their mistakes and poor judgement, but I feel that even if they live in a world full of corruption, they always have the choice to take the actions which they choose.



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