Blog Post #3: Magazine

Francisco Alvarado

The Muckraker

A biweekly print magazine detailing the journalistic exploits of some of the most daring and dedicated investigative journalists around the world and the stories they cover.  Most magazines I’ve seen on this subject seem to cover reporters from their region, or their country, and The Muckraker would have a global scope, most similar to Vice Magazine. 

The target demographic would be middle to high class American citizens. My preferred subscribers would be women, though not an overwhelming percentage. The reason I want more women readers is because I want the readers to feel a to support or take action in regards to some of the investigations published within the magazine, and I believe women exercise our rights to freedom of expression and freedom of assembly much more than American males.

My main competition is Vice Magazine and the American reader. What makes The Muckraker different is that it not only covers the most controversial news, and potential news, from around the world, the magazine does highlight articles on different journalists every issue, allowing readers to form relationships with the contributing writers.

Five likely advertisers:  Canon, Nikon, United Airlines, Kayak, Greenpeace

Five articles in the premier issue: The status of gay men in India, The origins of the Occupy movement in America, Stock manipulation by Wall Street brokerage firms, Spotlight on American aliteracy, AIDS in Africa.

The cover of my premier issue would have a young child (6-10 years) lying back on a couch wearing Beats by Dre headphones while using an iPad tablet. This child is resting his/her feet on top of a book (Where the Wild Things Are or some other children’s classic literature). The headline would be: “Books: the modern foot rest.” The picture would be in the Depth of Field style, with the book being in focus but not the child.


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