Blog Post #3

Isaac Velasquez

Name: The Cutting Edge

Concept: My magazine will give readers some say in what we publish in the magazine. After every issue we would encourage our readers to send us feedback through social media. After the suggestions have been gathered then we will change according to what our readers say. If a good amount of them don’t like a certain type of area that we covered then we will shift our focus somewhere else.

Readers: We will focus our magazine to people in the college age demographic. We will try to make our magazine relate to all people regardless of ethnicity.

Investors: Since we continually shift our focus depending on the likes and dislikes of our readers, I feel that people will be more invested in reading it. They have control and they will see changes occur because of their opinions. We will also try to keep up with the latest in news, everything from tech to business news.


Nike, Microsoft,, Best Buy, Mcdonald’s

Five Articles:

Job Outlook, New Iphone news, Exercise news, Ukraine Revolt, Superbowl Matchups

Cover: The cover of my magazine will have a picture related to the highlight story of the issue. It will also have the title and page numbers of the other top stories on the cover.


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