# Magazine: A Mag for Trending Tech and Fashion

Name: #

Concept: a magazine that dedicates to the ins and outs of both technology & fashion, with a special interest in how technology can sometimes intersect with fashion, i.e. the new Samsung Watch, Google Glass… and with a little mix of trending world and local news. Its main audience are young and creative people who work in tech industries or tech-savvy individuals who’d like to be up to date with important technology updates and also, their wardrobe. Its mission is to educate this type of audience on new gadgets with a weekly gadget feature, which at times will also present old but still relevant gadgets; spark debate and discussion through thought provoking and well written articles on how certain technology affects the quality of human life, both physically and mentally, on both personal and social level, while laying questions on how new technologies can open new skies; hone the readers’ fashion sense and sharpening up their outfit ensembles with styles and tips that range from outfitting a poor college student to dressing up as a tech CEO, as well as photo shoots with influential leaders in both the fashion and technology world.

Readers: demographics will consist of college students, techies, entrepreneurs, businesspeople, marketers, PRs, CEOs… ,in the age range of 20 to 45 of any gender, with varied levels of income, who desire a technology and fashion news outlet that act as a personal guidebook to trends, sophistication, intellectual stimuli and a success building attitude.

As the tech industry is booming here in Silicon Valley, more and more young and creative people are turning to tech and business related jobs. As their income grows, so does their need to be in the loop with technology and fashion and their taste in both ends. This upcoming wave of a generation signifies the growth of a diverse, tech-savvy and spending happy population of the Bay Area. This potential base of readers value the bountiful gifts that technologies bring to their life, however, their aesthetic in styling and the art of making themselves a standout in the eyes of normal looking people still needs room for improvement. That is why this concept is distinct from any other: to create a generation that is well-rounded in tech, and in fashion.

Advertisers: Samsung, Apple, Calvin Klein, Gilt.com, Urban Outfitters.

First 5 articles: “The Samsung Galaxy Gear. Fad or Future?”, “Agents of Change: How Twitter and Facebook sparked the Egypt revolutions.”, “Gucci x Google: Bringing Fashion Branding to Tech.”, “10 tips to reignite your Friday closet.”, “Marissa Mayer: Beautiful, Successful, Powerful, Flawless Style.”

Cover: Hashtag logo on center top, in blue. Photo of Marissa in the center. Article names on two sides in black and white. White background. Blue outlines.


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